Welcome to What Freedom Looks Like but Do Not Complain About It

Andriy Blokhin / shutterstock.com
Andriy Blokhin / shutterstock.com

The state of Florida is the one place where everyone caught in the pandemic world wants to be. Governor Ron DeSantis has made it possible for every person to continue living free and make choices regarding their health. No one has any right to tell another person what they should do regarding anything related to personal health.

For the staunch liberals that deep down resent the mandates and strict nonsense they are put under, there is a long desire to return to the time of much simpler living. So many of them decide to come and visit the land of freedom to temporarily escape the horrible lockup they live with. But when they arrive at freedom, they do not know what to do with themselves. So, they resort to attacking the very freedom they seek because they do not know how to act.

Josh Freed is a man from Canada who also writes for the Montreal Gazette. He took it upon himself to flee the tyranny of pandemic oppression from communist Canada and came to Florida. The problem with him is that he has become so imbued with the rhetoric of liberalism that he lost his mind the moment he saw that people could live free and not die from a virus as common as the cold.

The Nazi liberals think that the only way to avoid a virus is to hide in a plastic bubble and roll around, trying not to bump into each other. Freed took it upon himself to try and tell a story of the horrible conditions that living in a free country looks like. The problem for him was that he told of the glorious life people are living in Florida.

In the article, Freed admitted that he needed to escape his captors and the lockdowns that Canadians all want to flee from. And yet, once he arrived in Florida, life was anything but what he was used to. People were eating out and going to the gym and movies and not worrying about a virus used by liberals around the world to control populations.

Freed went on to compare Florida to an alien landscape filled with happy people who love to have a good time. He wrote, “In ever-friendly America, some customers even shake hands with their waiters before leaving, to say: ‘Thanks, I’ll have some germs for dessert.’ It’s easy to spot Canadians at restaurants, as we’re the ones properly masked and nervously sitting on the terrace, even in the rain.”

And somehow, what he left was supposed to be better than freedom—Freed did not know how to act in a land that operated from a time before the pandemic ever started. He has been brainwashed into thinking that the oppressive lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations are the new way of life. And the entire time, there are just as many people getting sick, except the difference is that Floridians get to be free.

Freed came to Florida looking to escape the horrors of his living conditions. RedState reported that “The constant mention of COVID cases ignores Quebec’s current higher death rate. While Florida, with 21 million residents, has a seven-day average of 86 COVID deaths. In Quebec, which only has eight million residents, they are averaging 68 deaths over that same period.

In the case of numbers, Florida wins again because lockdowns do not work. The only thing they do is delay getting help when needed. And the numbers do not matter since they are puffed up by the lousy liberals seeking to make a case for extending the lockdowns and mandates for as long as possible.

Mr. Freed could not fathom listening to people talk about anything and everything that was not even remotely related to the COVID word. There is life beyond COVID-19, but when a person lives where that is all that is talked about, their minds get wrapped up in the liberal brainwashing that has subtly taken over their ability to think for themselves.