CDC Makes Startling Admission About the COVID-19 Virus


The stories have changed so much regarding the COVID-19 virus that no one knows what to believe. And there is so much that the media and the liberals have failed to report that commonsense seems to have taken a vacation with them. The time has come for the Democrats to start making restitution for all of the lies that they have told since the pandemic started.

The continuation of the virus by the liberals is what they needed to have to keep seizing power at state and federal levels. The liberals need conflict to create fear, which makes people rely on them for answers. But what has been discovered is that the Democrats do not have the answers for anything the country faces.

The liberal leaders have tried to mesh the virus and politics into one force they can control. Anyone who does not follow their regulations is branded as anti-American and a terrorist. The Democrats hate the conservatives passionately because they tell the truth and have exposed the lies the liberals have told.

The massive power grabs the liberals have done were not healthy for them. They kicked out the liberal governor and redefined the legislative body by flooding it with Republicans. Voters in Virginia hated what they were doing and took the Democrats down when the election came around.

Their lies have earned them a bad reputation. And now, some are trying to sneak the truth out and make it seem that they have never lied. But the public has kept count and knows precisely what the nutshells have said since the beginning.

The Center for Disease Control is one of those liberal strongholds that has lied in favor of the Democratic Party. They have neglected to report on natural immunity for over two years and have led many to believe that it no longer exists. They wanted people to forget about how the body fights off viral infections itself so they could push the vaccine on people illegally.

Natural immunity was the one thing that the Democrats needed to keep secret. They needed the media to avoid mentioning it and for Big Tech to censor stories about it. If the natural immunity truth got out, they could not control the people and coerce them into the vaccine.

The vast majority of the population who had COVID-19 early on are immune. They have not gotten the virus again, and if they happen to catch a variant, their bodies will be better equipped to fight it because of the antibodies it produces.

Eli Klein posted what the CDC finally admitted to in the New York Times on Twitter. He wrote, “Unvaccinated people with a history of Covid also had lower rates of infection and hospitalization than those protected by vaccines alone. The researchers said that the data are consistent with trends observed in international studies.”

The shock of this truth still has not worn off for many Americans. They are shocked that the trusted CDC would stoop to such lows as to keep the truth from being told. The Democrats have their hands so deep in the lies that they will still lose at the ballot box no matter how much truth is revealed. And the fact that they would hide important information only points to the politics of the virus and the pandemic.

Joe Biden is the president who lies. He cannot bring himself to tell the truth because it would hurt his socialist image. The president needed these organizations to lie for him to try and push a mandate down the throats of Americans. It all comes down to how much control he can get away with without having to give any back.

The COVID-19 virus will leave the scene and turn into another wintertime sickness that will pop up on occasion. The current vaccine is powerless to protect, and the only thing that seems to work the best is natural immunity. And now that the truth is out, the vaccine mandate is no longer needed. But that was struck down weeks before this admission of guilt by the CDC.