Liberal Insanity Reaches New Heights As Virginian School System Calls Police for Kids Not Wearing Masks

The public school system in America has turned into a Democratic fighting force that spreads liberalism. They cannot find it within themselves to work with Republican administrations because they believe they are above the law and can make up their own rules and regulations. And such is the case in the ongoing saga of the Fairfax County Public School system that wants to fight Governor Glenn Youngkin and his orders outlawing mask mandates.

The fight for freedom is not about learning or getting to wear a mask. It is about the liberals giving up their control when the voter speaks. They are unwilling to submit to the new governor even though the Republicans did so under the former dictator who tried to tell parents they could not protect their children.

The Democrats are so scared that they come to school in full-face mask attire with face shields. A teacher was reportedly staring at mask-less kids through the door in one instance. The teacher would barely let masked kids in by opening the door slightly. The teacher treated all the others like they had a deadly disease.

Parents have had to escort their kids to the building because the Democrats called security to protect the fearful teachers from the little kids not wearing any masks. One parent named Carrie Lukas was met by the assistant principal and a security guard and was told to go home if her kids did not have masks on. Security had followed her to her car to ensure that she had left.

Reporters were told to head to the staging area where the media was supposed to meet, but that ended up being misdirection and nothing more than lies coming from the left. The school system called the police because parents were trying to drop their kids off.

The teachers and the administration of these schools have turned their backs on kids. The Daily Wire reported that the Democrats had abandoned their principal about getting kids into school. They wrote, “The invocation of harsh punishment seemed to fly in the face of years of claims by the school board and local Democratic politicians. The school board has frequently lamented that students should not be suspended for less-than-egregious offenses, calling it racist and saying it leads to the ‘school-to-prison pipeline.’ The pipeline idea posits that otherwise good kids will become so disenfranchised after being suspended that it could cause them to turn to a life of crime in later life.”

Their view of suspensions for primary offense had been going on for years. But now, those suspensions are over a paper mask. The racist leadership at the school is standing at the doors and hand-picking which kids get to learn for that particular day. And all the others are cast out into the streets hoping for another chance in the coming days.

Lukas would go on to report that “I found it unfortunate that FCPS decided to treat us as though we were going to be violent criminals or something, and had a security guard and press person and really were trying to make it as uncomfortable as possible for us to exercise what I view as our First Amendment rights to come and have this polite exchange with our children’s schools.”

The school leaders would not even engage in conversation. They treated all the mask-less people like felons and threatened them with arrest if they persisted. The fact that the school system is willing to fight in court to keep kids out of school is entirely backward. The insanity of the left defies rational thinking.

Parents are extremely tired of being treated like second-class citizens at schools funded by tax dollars. The kids who take their masks off in school are rounded up like criminals and not allowed to leave. School teachers stand guard at the doors where these kids are placed so they cannot go home. The Democrats have kidnapped these kids and need to be charged accordingly.