Senator Manchin Says He’s Ready to Support a Supreme Court Nominee More Liberal Than He Is

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has been a hero to conservatives for the last year because of the opposition he has made against President Biden’s far-left agenda. But on Thursday, the senator spoke about his potential support for a Supreme Court nominee that leans to the left with more liberal beliefs than he holds.

According to Politico, Manchin was being interviewed about the nomination process by West Virginia MetroNews’ “Talkline.”

Manchin explained that whoever President Biden brings to the Senate will have experience and they will have to judge them from that. He said that as far as the philosophical beliefs, they will not prohibit him from supporting the candidate.

Senator Manchin said that he was looking forward to whoever the person is that Biden puts up. And he will want to make sure that the rule of law is the “Bible” that the nominee goes by.

Manchin was specifically asked about voting for a person who is more liberal than he is. The West Virginia senator said, “It’s not going to change the makeup of the court. The court right now is pretty much a 6-3 court. So no matter what the philosophical beliefs of this person maybe, that’s not going to change the decisions or the makeup of it.”

He went further stating that you want someone who is basically how they have dispensed justice. You can forget the philosophical beliefs. You look at their record…have they been outspoken, have they been fair, and are they able to get along with the other eight justices.

“It’s not too hard to get more liberal than me. So it would not bother me having a person who was sound in their thought process and been sound in their disbursement of justice and the rule of law,” Manchin said with a laugh.

It was reported earlier this week that Justice Stephen Breyer announced that he will be retiring from the Supreme Court. The news broke even before he could officially make the announcement with the president at the White House. President Biden spoke briefly about the news report without giving full comments.

A day after the news report, President Joe Biden joined with Justice Stephen Breyer for a joint announcement about Breyer’s soon retirement. Breyer noted in his statement that his faith in the “‘American experiment’ would continue to succeed under the next generation.” President Biden said that he planned to fulfill his campaign promise to nominate the first black woman to the High Court.

Breyer gave the following speech saying, “I thought about what I might say to you and something I enjoy is talking to high school students and grammar school students, college students, and even law school students. They will come around and ask me, what is it that you find particularly meaningful about your job and what gives you a thrill? That’s not such a tough question for me to answer.”

Breyer said that after hearing so many cases over so many years the one thing that was always obvious was that the United States of America is a “complicated country.”

He talked about his colleagues and said that it was a miracle that we have these people who have decided to help solve the country’s major differences under law.

Breyer pulled out a copy of a pocket Constitution and said that the people have come to accept this Constitution and “they come to accept the importance of the rule of law.”

With Senator Manchin ready to support Biden’s nominee, let’s hope that the president pulls someone closer to the center.