Pelosi Limits Attendance of State of the Union to Protect Biden’s Senility

Rob Crandall /

It’s almost that time for Biden to provide a State of the Union address. And, well, we know that we can’t expect a lot from the old man. He’ll get flustered because of the crowd. He’ll mutter and stutter his way through over an hour of speaking. And there’s no telling what will actually come out of his mouth.

The Democrats feel as though they need to protect the senile president. It’s easy to cut a live feed than it is to deal with hundreds of people watching it all live from their seats. Oh, and let’s not forget that large crowds will tend to cause Biden to become a bit more hesitant because of his nerves.

How a man who has stage fright, gets nervous in crowds, and stutters made it as a politician for decades is simply puzzling.

Nonetheless, the Dems have to go on the defense, which is why Nancy Pelosi has a plan. She’s going to limit attendance to only 25 individuals.

Typically, there are over 500 people in attendance. Sometimes, there’s even 1,000 in attendance.

The way that invitations work is that each member of Congress (Representatives and Senators) can attend and bring a “plus one.” The Speaker of the House has the ability to invite up to 24, as can the president. In addition to all of these people, there is also the Supreme Court justices, the Cabinet, as well as diplomatic and military leaders, all of whom have reserved seating.

This will be Biden’s first State of the Union. He should have a full audience. However, Pelosi decided to limit in-person attendance to only 25 – and it seems that she did so without bothering to confer with anyone, let alone House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy was quick to share his opinion on the matter, letting Republican leadership know of the decision that was made. It was clear that everyone was frustrated by such a decision – and it most certainly wasn’t a decision guided by the pandemic.

McCarthy even went as far as commenting how Dems fly on planes with more than what will be allowed on the floor.

When Pelosi’s office was asked about the decision, they claim that no decision has been finalized. Instead, they’re working with an attending physician to determine protocols.

Protocols? Seriously? Almost every day that Congress is in session, there are significantly more than 25 people in the room. The State of the Union should be allowed to have at least as many people as a standard House meeting would have.

What is their official reasoning for prohibiting attendance?

Oh, well, you know, Omicron is all over the place. The risks are everywhere.

Yeah, but everyone in Congress has been vaccinated. Most have likely been boosted, too. And they would wear masks, right? If it’s okay for the rest of America, it should be okay for them, too.

We all know the truth. Biden can’t deal with that many people. And the Dems need to figure out a way to keep anything that Biden says or does in a hushed state until they can figure out how to spin it in an acceptable manner.

We’re dealing with a president who can’t deal with clapping and applauding. He can’t deal with staring out into a sea of faces that he knows – but can’t identify because dementia is too far set.

As RedState reported, “Even if we assume this is just about COVID-19, what kind of message does it send to the world that the [POTUS] is so weak and feeble that he can’t be in a massive room with more than 25 people?”

Exactly. While Pelosi might want to protect Biden, it sends the wrong message. If he is that mentally unstable, maybe it’s time that the State of the Union proves it so that we can use the 25th amendment and move on.