Afghan Resettlement Has Cost Us How Much?

Andrii Yalanskyi /

The Biden administration has worked hard to bring as many Afghans into the country as possible. While some certainly deserved to be saved from the Taliban regime, others did not. In fact, many who have been resettled here in the U.S. haven’t even been properly background checked.

The cost of resettling people from another country who have left behind everything is expensive. And many military bases around the country have helped with the Afghan resettlement project.

At what cost, though?

You know that the money has to come from somewhere. So, whether we voted for it or not, our taxpayer dollars have been going to resettle tens of thousands of Afghans.

Forget about the American homeless. Forget about the American veterans who struggle with disease. The Biden administration is all about putting the needs of other nations before our own.

And the costs are finally starting to add up and become available to us.

At the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey, the cost of resettling the evacuees is estimated to be at least $626 million. It all started back in August of last year. In less than six months, over $600 million has been spent.

That’s a lot of money, right? Well, that total is only for the base in New Jersey. There are seven other military bases across the U.S. that are also responsible for helping with the Afghan resettlement.

Exactly what is the money being spent on? After all, this seems like a significant amount of money to help settle around 75,000 Afghans.

The report that was released explains the money as “base operations support services contracts.” Digging a bit further, some of it involves providing “acute medical care” which comes in the form of 500 contract personnel. So, essentially, the U.S. is providing medical care to the Afghan evacuees. Meanwhile, there are countless Americans who can’t afford healthcare.

But, alas, we’re getting side-tracked. There’s also money being spent to help with the mission of resettling Afghans. This covers everything from office supplies to winterization efforts.

The military sure does know how to waste money that isn’t theirs, don’t they?

The Joint Base in New Jersey was initially supposed to house and settle around 3500 evacuees. That number grew to over 13,000 by November. There have only been 3,000 to depart the base. Some of these included ones who “departed voluntarily,” which means they didn’t complete the resettlement process.

What the Democrats don’t want to tell you is that many who didn’t complete the resettlement process also haven’t been properly vetted. Are they criminals? We don’t know. Are they capable of integrating into society? Again, we don’t know.

Beyond what the base in New Jersey has done, the Department of Homeland Security announced that Fort Pickett, VA helped to resettle over 10,000 Afghans. How much they spent to get that job done hasn’t been released – but we can guess it’s an amount that will make you sick to your stomach.

The Marine Corps Base Quantico helped to resettle around 3700 Afghans for the tune of $188.4 million – and they also struggled to keep track of all of the evacuees.

Essentially, the U.S. has spent a lot of money to resettle these Afghan evacuees – and we’re not done spending money on them yet. What’s worse is that we’ve done a crappy job tracking and vetting them, so the only thing the Biden administration has managed to do is waste taxpayer dollars and increase security risks throughout the country.