Abrams Finally Decides to Apologize…Only After the Damage is Done

Stacey Abrams made the decision to be a hypocrite when she went into an elementary school to read to students as part of a Black History Month event. She chose not to wear a mask – even though all of the teachers and students were masked. She believes the schools should have strict mask mandates in place – but still wants the freedom to choose to go maskless for herself.

She was photographed without her mask and the masked, suffocated people of Georgia (and the rest of the country) ripped into her.

She didn’t apologize. Instead, she had her entire campaign team go on the defensive. They were rude, offensive, and relentless in their defense of Abrams choosing to go into a school without a mask.

If Abrams had any shot of becoming governor in the state of Georgia, she didn’t by the time her team was done defending her.

No one wanted that kind of defense. They just wanted her to apologize for being a hypocrite. After all, how can she want kids and teachers to mask up all day long when she can’t bother to do so for an hour?

Only after she’s had to endure a complete media storm of being calling her out for her hypocritical ways has she decided to apologize.

It’s a bit too late. No one wants to hear her apology. It doesn’t mean anything. She’s only apologizing because her actions have had a negative impact. She could have apologized the moment it happened and, instead, she decided to sick her campaign aides on the public.

She posed for the photo on Friday. It took her until Tuesday to finally apologize, and she did so on CNN.

“In the excitement after I finished, because it was so much fun working with those kids, I took a picture. And that was a mistake. Protocols matter, and protecting our kids is the most important thing. And anything perceived as undermining that is a mistake, and I apologize.”

The damage was already done, though. And Abrams isn’t alone. Quite a few Democrats have been caught without a mask across their face even when they demand one for everyone else.

Now, Abrams did actually apologize – and it sounded genuine. Any politician needs to know that there are times when the public needs to hear an apology – ones that involve the words “I apologize.” She may even want to give some pointers to Whoopi Goldberg, who apologized in a way where she really only went on the defensive.

Abrams’ apology isn’t going to get her very far. Her Republican candidates have jumped onto the opportunity to show off the hypocrisy. Former Senator David Perdue is also running for governor and has promised to end the mask mandates if he’s elected. The moment he saw the photo, he said, “Abrams’ hypocrisy knows no bounds.”

Perdue didn’t stop there, though. He also pointed the finger at fellow Republican Brian Kemp, the current state governor by saying that he “failed students and parents by allowing liberal school districts to force mandates upon them.”

More and more states are looking at the data and realizing that kids don’t need to be masked. It hinders their education, and it doesn’t really protect them from the virus.

Abrams’ apology still doesn’t offer any kind of insight as to what she’ll do if she were to win the gubernatorial race. While on CNN she said, “our job is to protect children.” She went on to say that each governor has to evaluate and recognize that there will be a shift from pandemic to endemic. She promises that she’ll look at the science, follow protocols, and set the right example.

Mask-wearing is over, and it’s clear that Abrams didn’t get the memo. She can apologize all she wants, but the damage has been done. Hopefully, voters all across Georgia will realize that voting for her will only bring about more hypocrisy – and that’s not what this country needs right now.