Forget About Insubordinate Kids, Georgia Wants to Focus on the Parents

Insubordinate children in the classrooms can be a problem. They’ll defy what teachers tell them to do. They’ll refuse to follow any of the rules. These are the children that are found disrupting the learning environment and making it hard for others in the class to learn what the teacher is teaching.

Obviously, those who are insubordinate need to be dealt with. However, Georgia isn’t really concerned with the insubordinate children. Instead, they’d rather deal with the parents.

Now, parents don’t really have to do anything. They aren’t subject to the “rules” of the classroom. They are adults and, therefore, are capable of making their own decisions.

Yet, in Georgia, one school wants to start marking parents as insubordinate. Essentially, any parent that doesn’t play by the rules set by the liberals will be identified so that they can be addressed accordingly.

A private school in Georgia, The Lovett School in Atlanta, allegedly created a list of all of the “insubordinate” parents. Of course, when faced with the facts, they have done all that they can to deny that such a list exists.

A Christian talk show host by the name of Monica Matthews posted a photo on Twitter of one of the purported emails. It included a long list of names with a heading that talked about how such a list was long overdue. The concern was that some of the parents have too much influence and that they needed to compile a “watch list.” The email came from the Director of Community Relations, so the school shouldn’t have to look far to determine if this actually came from the school or not.

The Chair of the Board of Trustees at the school, John O. Knox, has had to send out a letter to the Lovett community to talk about an “anonymous message that included a screenshot of an alleged email exchange” between two employees at the school.

The stance that the school is maintaining is that the list is “fabricated” and that such an exchange never occurred. They are actually so sure that it never happened that they are going to be conducting a third-party audit of the email servers to make sure that they don’t find an email message that matches what was allegedly sent.

Knox went on to say that he’s “disheartened” that individuals would actually work to create false messages that would drag the community’s good name through the mud.

Clearly, though, there’s something going on. Whether the email was actually sent between Lovett employees or not, someone went through the effort to discuss the fact that there’s a list of insubordinate parents. If a list does exist, it’s a problem. If a list doesn’t exist, there’s still the very likely possibility that insubordinate parents has been discussed among employees.

The replies on social media were interesting. While some people were quick to defend The Lovett School, others said that it was entirely possible because that’s the way that many private schools in Georgia conducted themselves.

One parent even shared the parent agreement form at another private school in Georgia, Mount Vernon School. It read “If any family member engages in behavior, communications, or interactions on or off-campus, that is disruptive, intimidating, aggressive, or reflects a loss of confidence in or disagreement with the school’s policies, methods of instruction, discipline…” it would allow the school to begin placing restrictions on the family. Basically, it’s a way to make sure that the school can do what they want without parents raising their voices and addressing their concerns.

Georgia’s schools are taking a dangerous turn similar to what’s been going on with many schools in Virginia, specifically Loudoun County.

Careful, parents. If you speak your mind and question the decisions of the school, you could find yourself being placed on an insubordinate parents list or worse yet, a terrorist watch list of the FBI.

Welcome to Biden’s America, where Afghan refugees are granted immunity and concerned parents are marked as terrorists.