Texas Law Working As Abortions Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

Phil Pasquini / shutterstock.com

The Democrats hate Governor Greg Abbott because the abortion bill that his state has passed has become a significant lifesaver for all of the little souls set to be murdered by Democrats. The new abortion bill has led to a 60 percent reduction in women seeking an abortion after six weeks. These little souls will now become appreciative citizens because people stepped up and kept them from being murdered.

The Texas law states that an abortion can no longer be performed once the heartbeat is detected. The law has been challenged in court by the Democrats, but that challenge failed because life is precious and should not be aborted.

The Daily Wire found and reported that “According to data provided by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, 2,197 abortions were performed in Texas in September while 5,404 abortions had been performed in August. The previous months in 2021 looked like this: January 5,199; February 4,250; March 5,643, April 5,096; May 4,795; June 4,708; and July 4,566. Even considering February, the shortest month, which had the lowest number of abortions prior to September, the September number represented a roughly 50% drop in the number of abortions.”

The numbers do not lie and cannot be challenged by Democrats wanting to abort the bill. The number of lives saved has made the abortion law a complete success.

The heartbeat of a baby is precious and should never be stopped. According to the law, no doctor can perform an abortion once the heartbeat has been detected. Failure to comply with the law will invite lawsuits against the people responsible for murdering the tiny baby. But for liberals that promote the death of a baby for the sake of convenience show just how corrupt and murderous the Democrats have become.

Joe Biden is entirely against the bill because he believes that a child can be murdered at any stage of life. The Democrats believe that the survival of the fittest animal applies, and a baby certainly cannot beat an adult at a battle of survival.

The challenge brought against the new law went all the way to the Supreme Court. The Democrats wanted the court to throw out the law and let people begin killing their unborn children again. But what the liberals failed to expect was that the court would rule against them because the challenge was poorly represented and lacked any substance to convince the court that it should not allow the law to stay in place.

At the time, the Supreme Court stated that “To prevail in an application for a stay or an injunction, an applicant must carry the burden of making a “strong showing” that it is “likely to succeed on the merits,” that it will be “irreparably injured absent a stay,” and “that the balance of the equities favors it, and that a stay is consistent with the public interest. The applicants now before us have raised serious questions regarding the constitutionality of the Texas law at issue. But their application also presents a complex and novel antecedent procedural questions on which they have not carried their burden.”

Early on in the law’s inception, a liberal judge blocked the law, but his injunction was struck down because it was apparent to everyone that he ruled along party lines and not the way a judge is supposed to make a decision. He followed his feelings and political affiliations, which is something a judge should never do.

The demonic Democrats believe that it is their constitutional right to be able to murder a baby. Their logic would undoubtedly change if it were their life being threatened. The Constitution does not give the right to murder a baby or any other soul. It is a document designed to protect life at all stages of life. The unborn children of America are covered under that document. And any person seeking to snuff out an unborn baby’s life is guilty of violating the most fundamental laws of human existence, which dictates that all people have the right to live.