Wait, Eating a Steak is Now Racist?

BublikHaus / shutterstock.com

It’s hard to know what is considered racist these days. The liberals will find anything and everything to use to accuse people of white supremacy.

If we work hard, we’re showing signs of white supremacy. The same goes for planning for the future and even being professional.

Now, the next time you are thinking about what you want to eat for dinner, know that eating meat, such as a juicy T-bone, may get you in trouble with the left.

As RedState explained it, “Anything and everything the left doesn’t like is racist, misogynistic, or worse.”

We’ll try to explain what this whole “meat supremacy” is all about. Unfortunately, the left has lost their collective mind, so it starts to get a bit confusing. And no, no one is suggesting that you give up your steak to prove that you aren’t racist.

There’s this notion that systemic racism is running rampant in the country. Due to having white skin, we are inherently racist. And, apparently, being able to eat red meat is not only for white people but also for white males. It means that pushing the idea of eating a steak is both racist and misogynistic.

Who came up with this? Do the far-left liberals really believe that we’re going to buy into all of this?

No one really believes this, do they? After all, there are people of color all over the U.S. who consume red meat in the form of burgers, tacos, steaks, and more each and every day. They go through the drive-thru for a Big Mac, throw steaks on the grill, and head to their local BBQ joints for smoked brisket.

Red meat is one of the most common forms of protein consumed in the U.S. – and it’s most certainly not being consumed solely by white people.

Carol K. Adams, an animal rights activist, and author, believes that choosing to eat meat is a “white supremacist patriarchal worldview.”

Ahh, well, we knew that it had to be someone who is an animal rights activist pushing this kind of view. Only a vegetarian or vegan would try to make the food that we eat something that is racially charged.

In an Oxford Union debate that focused on “Beyond Meat” in the UK, she announced that “white supremacists weaponized eating meat, eggs, and dairy to reclaim their wounded masculinity.”

I’m sorry…what?

It only gets worse. The author of “The Sexual Politics of Meat” really decides to dig herself a hole. She explains how we eat the corpses of animals but use euphemistic language to make ourselves feel better, such as calling it a steak instead of what it actually is. And in case you weren’t sure if Adams is straight off the crazy train, you can also check out one of her other books, “The Pornography of Meat.”

Leave it to a white woman to get fired up about what is and isn’t racist. Shouldn’t people of color be determining if they feel that meat is racist? And about maleness?

If we drink milk, have a hearty breakfast of eggs, or grill up a steak, we are apparently, according to Adams, baiting liberal men and calling them “soy boys” as part of the Neo-Nazi messaging.

Wow. There really are no words for this convoluted way of thinking. It’s hard to imagine Adams has many followers. It’s unlikely that people of any color are going to give up their steaks because they feel that it represents the epitome of white maleness.

Of course, Adams doesn’t tell us what we should be eating so that we don’t fall prey to the ways of the Neo-Nazis. Perhaps if we just ate a veggie burger, we could appease everyone. Too bad that’s not going to happen…