Who is George Gascon and Why Do the CA Liberals Hate Him?

We’ve been seeing more and more of a divide within the Democratic Party. Even those who classify themselves as liberal are still not ready to go to the full “woke” level that some of the far-left progressives are willing to go. That’s what we’re seeing in California as many are trying to focus on crime.

And one name keeps popping up as being the problem child: George Gascon.

Who is he and why is he hated within his own party?

Gascon is the LA district attorney. He’s taking an extremely “woke” approach to crime. Even the city’s prosecutors would love nothing more than to send him packing. In fact, as reported by The Washington Examiner, “the vast majority of members of the association representing Los Angeles prosecutors voted to have their boss, District Attorney George Gascon, recalled from the job he has held for two years.” There are more than 800 deputy district attorneys within the Association of Deputy District Attorneys – and a staggering 98 percent are in favor of recalling Gascon.

31 cities across LA County are tired of Gascon’s antics, so there’s a signature-gathering campaign in place.

Gascon’s policies are simply too progressive – and it’s only causing more crime to occur around the area. Some of his mandates actually reversed decades of tough-on-crime charging and sentencing tactics. It meant that it was harder to charge criminals. When criminals were charged, Gascon’s approach often let them back onto the streets with nothing more than a talking to.

One of the biggest issues that many have with Gascon is his stance on prosecuting teenagers as adults. He doesn’t want to – and it’s keeping young criminals who are entirely aware of what they’re doing from facing any real sentences. Such an example is when he allowed a 17-year-old child molester to stay in juvenile court. He did not have to register as a sex offender, and he only received a two-year sentence.

The child molester is now a 26-year-old trans woman who goes by the name of Hannah Tubbs. And, what’s worse is that Tubbs had the audacity to brag about the crime. Fox News was about to record the phone call, so it was heard that “I’m going to plead out to it, plead guilty. They’re going to stick me on probation, and it’s going to be dropped — it’s going to be done. I won’t have to register, won’t have to do nothing.”

This is the kind of monster Gascon’s policies have allowed to roam the streets of Los Angeles – and no one is okay with it.

The issues don’t just stop with prosecuting teenagers, though. Gascon has also refused to allow additional charges for gang members, guns, or even participating in multiple felonies. All of these “could” make it possible for someone to see a life sentence. But Gascon has a soft spot for criminals, so he’s willing to look the other way for all of it.

It’s highly unlikely that Gascon will be able to survive the recall. Although Newsom survived, that was more about the opposite party coming for him. With the DA, his own party is coming for him – and things don’t look pretty.

Chesa Boudin, the San Francisco district attorney, faced a similar recall effort, but he was able to hold onto his position.

We’ve seen more people standing up to the “woke” crowd, so let’s hope they can send the liberal DAs packing once and for all.