Can California Afford to Fire Its First Responders?

California always seems to make the headlines because of its idiocy. It’s like, as soon as you see the state’s name, you think “Oh, what now?”

They certainly don’t disappoint.

As the state is lifting its mask mandates, people are able to start to enjoy more of their freedoms. And with so many vaccine mandates landing the state and federal government in courtrooms, you would think that they’d stop pushing them so hard.

Well, California doesn’t want to ever be accused of taking a conservative approach. So, they decide to push as far to the left as they can. That includes firing first responders if they fail to vaccinate themselves.

What’s the point of the vaccine? We’ve seen how people get COVID even after being vaccinated. And, the COVID numbers are declining.

This seems more like California’s way of thinking about their budgets. Perhaps if they just fire first responders over the vaccine mandate, they can save some money…

As the Daily Caller’s documentary identifies, first responders have gone from “Hero to Zero.” It’s totally unacceptable – and many nurses, firefighters, and police officers all have the same thing to say. They’re not going to compromise their core values and beliefs for the sake of a paycheck.

The Los Angeles Times actually published an article in December that suggested unvaccinated firefighters be fired as a way to “Build Back Better.”

When California is literally burning during an average week in the summer, can they really afford to get rid of first responders? California has a lot of different natural disasters – fires, earthquakes, and more. And it’s the first responders who show up to save the day.

Firefighters, particularly, are wearing so much gear that they aren’t really at risk of transmitting COVID to anyone, assuming they even test positive. That’s where things get to be odd about firing first responders. The easier solution would be to allow the unvaccinated to simply test on a regular basis.

California doesn’t care. They’ll ride their liberal agendas until the state burns to the ground. And they’ll do so with a smile on their face. It’s all about the power, not about the people that they have to trample on along the way.