Cruz Calls Out Jen Psaki and Likens Her to a Favorite Cartoon Character

Jen Psaki is the White House press secretary who tries her worst to cover for Joe Biden and his memory losses. The way she tries to lie about what Biden means behind his senseless speeches has ruined her reputation and character as a person. She speaks in vague terms, which leaves people wondering exactly what is going on behind the closed doors at the White House. But with all of her pointless actions, she has a new name bestowed on her by Senator Ted Cruz.

Cruz named Psaki after a “Peanuts” character named “Peppermint Patty.” The short hair and circular face give her away. And the way she speaks resembles that of the cartoon character.

Psaki spoke when a reporter brought the new name up and told her what was said. The reporter noted that Ted Cruz encouraged people to boo at her when she speaks. The reporter was hoping to get a response from Psaki. But all that was stated was that she loves the character. Psaki sees the comment as a compliment.

The Democrats are usually a group of people that react negatively to name-calling. They love to call other people names but cannot handle themselves when called one themselves. Peppermint Patty is a flakey character within the cartoon line. She is mortally in love with Charlie Brown and is constantly looking for ways to hold his hand and get him to notice her. Psaki is that person that sits in the background that no one notices. And when she speaks, people let the words go in one ear and out the other because they know nothing; she says it is that important.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference, Senator Cruz referred to the red-headed Psaki looking like the cartoon character. Cruz pointed out how bad the White House was stealing away freedom and liberty. Their thrust is to subject all Americans to a form of rule that is inconsistent with the Constitution. But to do that, they need to control all three branches of government.

Liberal companies and big tech are working together with the Democrats to create a form of government that would essentially eliminate freedom. Biden cannot have people out in the streets telling a different story than what he wants people to believe. He cannot stand the fact that people can protest and use the courts to end the way he is treating the country.

The reference of Psaki being Peppermint Patty was in response to her demanding that the billionaires in California try to silence Joe Rogan. The liberal Democrats want to silence everyone who disagrees with or is willing to follow their lead on things. The words that came from Psaki’s mouth support the elimination of free speech.

The Canadian Freedom Convoy was viciously attacked and targeted by liberal businesses as their GoFundMe page was frozen, so they could not receive the money donated to them. Jenn Psaki referred to Spotify and doing the same thing. The Democrats all think the same way and look for those that they can bully.

Psaki wanted to attack those who were telling the truth regarding the COVID-19 virus. The White House wants to act like it is still a big deal, but the rest of the world knows that the virus is no longer a threat, and it is time to get back to living life.

Psaki wanted to let the country know that the businesses needed to work hard at stopping conservatives from telling the truth regarding the COVID-19 virus. She wanted these corporations to keep from letting the truth get out. But the facts remain they cannot silence the voice of freedom in America.

Joe Biden needs to leverage his flabby muscle to get people to follow him. He desires to have all the liberals telling the same story. But for him to get them to follow his lead, he will need to take them over by socialist means.