Democrats Prove Yet Again That Fences and Walls Really Work

The Biden administration is hypocritical – and we know this based on everything they have done since taking office. As Biden wrote executive orders that opened our borders and left us vulnerable to the drugs, weapons, and criminal backgrounds of illegal immigrants, it was clear that the Democrats didn’t care about us.

We need a wall at the southern border to protect us.

Yet, if you listen to the Biden administration, the wall won’t work. They feel that it’s just a big waste of money.

Did you look at what was constructed around the White House after the January 6 riot and stayed up all the way through the time Biden was inaugurated? Did you see what was constructed yet again in anticipation of the State of the Union address?

A fence. A very large, heavily guarded fence. It ensured that no one was allowed into the Capitol grounds unless they had a reason to be there.

Guess what? It worked. The president and the entirety of Congress felt safe because they knew that the fence was doing its job.

But…that doesn’t make sense, does it? If the fence works in D.C., it should work at the border, too.

And it would – but the Democrats don’t want to spend the money to create the wall at the southern border. They’re enjoying the illegal immigrants entering the country because they’re hoping that it will give them the votes needed to stay in power for decades to come. Just look at how voter laws are changing so that it can happen.

And, if you listened to Biden’s SOTU, he wants to give immunity to all of the immigrants. Forget about the fact that they haven’t been background checked. Forget about the fact that they’ve broken immigration laws to shove their way into the country. Just forgive them and give them a path to citizenship.

The reality is that fences and borders work. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have asked for the fences around D.C. so that they feel protected.

What about the rest of us, though? Aren’t we allowed to feel protected, too?

The U.S. Secret Service is likely pros at constructing the fence around the Capitol. They worked tirelessly with the Capitol Police to make sure that they were able to get the fence in place before the SOTU address, which took place on March 1. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said that the fence was going up “out of an abundance of caution.”

Wow, how nice. Politicians get protected abundantly, and we can’t even manage to get a warning when the Biden administration dumps hundreds of illegal aliens into our county. The only way we find out is when we suddenly have a homeless problem or there’s a surge in crime. Great, huh?

The fence is a problem because Biden continues to block the construction of the border, even though the funding was approved before he made it into the White House. Realistically, he’s costing the country MORE money because of his refusal to allow the border wall to be built.

The message has been clear in D.C. over the past few days when the fence was up. The area is closed, don’t even try to get in. What would illegal immigration look like if we got serious? We could actually back up our threat with more than a smiling Kamala Harris who says, “Don’t come.”

It’s nice to see that the politicians are protected. They’ve made it clear that they care about themselves but could care less about the “little people.” It’s no wonder why they don’t want to visit the southern border. It’s hard to see what their decisions actually look like, so they’d rather hide behind their fenced perimeter in D.C. in blissful ignorance.