Fauci Remains in Hiding as COVID Narrative Deteriorates

For the last two years, since COVID-19 arrived at our shores and made into a pandemic, one name and face has been the go-to for all things COVID-related. Enter the political left’s beloved Dr. Anthony Fauci.
In 2020, when the pandemic was first realized, Fauci’s supposed knowledge and expertise in immunology and diseases like COVID made him America’s favorite doctor overnight. He appeared on many news outlets, and talk shows each and every day for months and months. All the while, he never strayed too far away from now-President Joe Biden’s side.
Yet, over the last few weeks, you might have noticed something rather strange. Fauci is nowhere to be found.
Well, that’s not entirely true. He has been seen but only on lesser-known blogs, publications, and some odd YouTube channels here and there.
So why the sudden change?
I mean, in the month of December, he was noted to have a whopping 41 appearances on one prominent news outlet or another. In January, the NIAID news tracker said he had 17 appearances. But now, in the month of March, The Post Millennial points out that his news section of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases website only shows one to be on the schedule, and it’s already passed.
The ‘why’ could have something to do with the fact that COVID and its case number has been on the run for a while now, with many states dropping masking and vaccination mandates, as well as finally reopening schools and in-person learning opportunities.
It could also have a lot to do with the fast-approaching November midterm elections.
As you well know, the political left has been under the spell of Fauci and his pro-lockdown ways for some time now. We’ve seen COVID numbers drop each month, deaths become less likely, and masking mandates drop. And yet, for those like Fauci, we are far from the end of the pandemic or possibly even the worst of it.
According to him, we should all vaccinate and get boosters. Children shouldn’t be in school, and we should wear masks everywhere at all times. Hell, remember when he even said that we should be doubling or even tripling up on masks?
But all of that, especially in recent months, seems to fly directly in the face of reality and what actual science is telling us. It’s pretty much proven that masks don’t really work to protect you from COVID, at least not like Fauci said it would. And neither will the vaccines.
And so America has understandably grown tired of the lockdowns, shut down, and masked up for years for no real reason.
Naturally, the Democratic Party and her members who keep pushing such things aren’t doing too well in recent polls. Some have already begun to be replaced with more conservative counterparts. The reality for the party is that if they don’t change their tune on COVID and fast, they could very soon find themselves without support or jobs.
In fact, as radio host Chris Stigall recently pointed out, some Democrats have even begun to put out warnings to their fellow party members about their current and past stances on COVID. The message is basically, “declare victory over COVID and move on.”
They are being told to suddenly drop mask mandates they’ve been pushing for years now, end school closures, and encourage a return to normalcy. And just in time to see the beginning of the midterm election cycle.
Coincidence? I think not.
Fauci’s recent and sudden disappearance is only further proof that the Democrats have finally figured out that no one is buying their COVID narrative. And as the face of COVID, that means that Fauci has to be kept hidden, at least until November and the elections are over. Then again, based on the few publications he’s been allowed on in recent weeks, such as an obscure left-wing vlog called “WokeAF,” I don’t know if he’ll ever be anything more than an irrelevant has-been.