Democrats Focus on Saving Governors More Than Any Other Position

The Democrats are in an all-out sprint to try to save whatever position of power they can before the red wave decimates them after the midterm elections. They have taken the time to change their focus to preserving as many governors as possible instead of trying to save seats in the House. Their losses in Virginia were just a prelude to what was coming in a few short months.

The Democrats need to keep control of key states to have any hope of producing presidential candidates for the next presidential election. They have turned to self-preservation to keep from losing too much because of their wicked ways and evil desires.

In recent months, the Democrats have been challenged in ways that have produced tremendous losses for them. The liberals tried to hijack election reform and pass a federal bill that would have stripped away the state’s right to set its election laws. The Democrats sought to standardize all laws and make it so the party could continue to cheat by harvesting ballots and letting dead people chime in on the election process.

Cooper Teboe is a donor adviser located in Silicon Valley. He was quoted by Politico saying, “Of the pool of major donors — of big, institutional donors behind the DNC and the DCCC — I’d say 50 to 60 percent of them are now putting that same effort into governors, and I expect that group of donors to only grow.”

The shift of money shows that the Democrats need to focus on keeping their liberal governors in office as long as they can. They need to have strong people in places of leadership so they can draw from them in choosing their next presidential candidate. Their last round of candidates failed to match the presence that Donald Trump brings to the stage.

Steve Elmendorf, a nasty Democrat that gives money for the evil cause, has stated that “My entire donating life has always been centered around Congress, but I really think that if you care about democracy, you need to worry about these governors’ races. This is critical for us to win in 2024.”

Elmendorf and other silly liberals are convinced that they are in political trouble. They created the red wave when they tried to vilify parents and over-regulate the pandemic scenario. They see the need to rally themselves into trying to save positions of power to have any reliable candidates to run in 2024.

The dark days of Democrat rule are in peril as the midterm elections draw closer. The party itself is fractured to the point that it is ready to split. Progressives have a different agenda than the other Democrats, which has produced tension. Over thirty Democrats have stated that they will not run again for the House because they want to retire while they still can. These things are the signs that show the liberals are in trouble.

The left thinks that money is the way to win elections. But that is not always the case. Americans look at today’s issues and vote for people who have the best plan to combat the problems.

Joe Biden has created a lot of significant issues that will be spots of contention in any upcoming election. Many of the president’s supporters have fallen away because they can no longer afford to identify with the old man. They are losing supporters when Biden shows up at their campaign rallies.

Liberal House members know that they are in trouble. People are sick and tired of old Nancy Pelosi playing games with taxpayer money. Voters are tired of the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch acting as independent entities instead of working the way they were designed.

The problem the liberals have stemmed from their lust for power. Each liberal seeks power and will not give it up once they have it. They all want to sit at the top to be the ones who make decisions that will only benefit their own futures.