Dem Candidate Ruins His Own Campaign Just One Day After Making it Official

By now, you’d likely think that most people, especially those in politics or the public light, would be quite cautious about what they are putting online and on their social media accounts. Thanks to the cancel culture the political left has created, no small number of politicians and celebrities have pretty much been thrown out on their asses for saying something rude online or the media finding out about a not so proud moment of their past. (Remember when former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam nearly lost his job and career when it was discovered that he once dressed in blackface in college?)

But it seems that some people just aren’t smart enough to figure that process out. And one Democratic U.S. House of Representatives candidate just found that out the hard way.

Enter Ryan Ryder, a recently announced House candidate for South Dakota’s one and only seat.

By recently announced, I point out that his run for the seat, placing him against incumbent Republican Representative Dusty Johnson, was made public on Wednesday, March 2, 2022. And yet, by Thursday, March 3, that candidacy had been revoked – and not entirely by his own choice – but more on that later.

Ryder might have made for a good House Representative, at least on paper. While a Democrat, he is an attorney, giving him insider knowledge of the laws and guidelines we are ruled by, as well as an Air Force veteran.

However, he pretty much shot himself in his own foot by running off at the mouth on social media, not once but several times over the last few years.

As Dakota News Now reported, people began scrolling through his social media accounts within hours of his announcement to run. And what they found was completely inappropriate for anyone to ever say, let alone someone who might be our voice and ears in Washington.

The first misstep comes from November 2021. At the time, Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona had recently made a rather disturbing tweet which portrayed him “killing” an anime figure of New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking a similar one of President Joe Biden. The tweet was uncalled for and completely tasteless, to be sure.

Ryder apparently didn’t believe the tweet was appropriate, if only because his party members were being attacked. So he thought that his state’s one and only representative should have condemned it more publicly. And since he didn’t, Ryder suggested that he might make an animated video of his own, this one aimed at killing his now opponent’s family.

Naturally, Ryder said he would later say it was a joke so that Johnson would be “fine with that.”

Then, just months later, he again aimed at Johnson, suggesting that it was “too bad” that the “Trump rioters” who infiltrated the capitol on January 6 “didn’t get you that day.”

And just as equally disturbing than insinuating violent acts against a member of Congress was a later tweet which suggested he would be pleasuring himself in the future to a picture of South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem riding a horse.

That’s right. This man suggested that an opponent of his should be killed on more than one occasion. And then, later, made disturbing sexual comments about his state’s governor.

I mean, is it just me, or is this the kind of stuff you only imagine someone with a severe mental illness or stalker saying? And yet, this man thought it was not only fine but funny. And then even thought he could run for Congress himself…

Naturally, the South Dakota Democratic Party thought quite differently. As the party’s executive director, Berk Ehrmantraut, said, “The South Dakota Democratic Party has determined it is not appropriate for Mr. Ryder to continue in this race and requested that he end his candidacy, which he has agreed to.”

And Ryder did apologize for his tweets, kind of. He noted that while he thought of them as a “poor attempt at sarcastic humor,” he understood that others might see them as crossing a line, which they most certainly did.

Again, I am still just flabbergasted that Ryder even thought that he could run for office, knowing that he had made such comments in the past. It’s like he completely ignored everything our cancel culture has taught us. Either that or the sad truth is that he actually thought they were acceptable, which is probably the more likely truth for far too many in his party.