Paper Airplanes Attack Museum As No-Fly Zone Is Issued

The Russian invasion of the Ukrainian people has prompted protests against Russia and support for their victims. In a rather unusable display of support, a group of people came to the Guggenheim Museum and released 350 paper airplanes to show their support of a no-fly zone in Ukraine. Each of the planes was a flyer telling of their support and what they wanted to see done against Russia.

The governing staff did not sanction the secret invasion of the museum. The various artists and supporters of Ukraine brought the aircraft into the building by hiding them. And at the designated time, the attack would occur, and the planes would be sent flying into the air.

It was thought that fifteen people were involved in the attempted takeover of museum airspace. Building security had kept two people from entering the building when they all first arrived on the scene. The two people were found carrying a bag of flyers, and they were told that they could enter but were not allowed to take the flyers into the building.

The airplane flyers stated that “We want to draw attention to the Russian war in Ukraine. The military brutality of this war waged by Vladimir Putin affects Ukraine, all of Europe, and ultimately every country continuously decimated by Putin’s violence. We believe that the importance of asking NATO to close the sky, establish a No-Fly Zone and humanitarian airspace, to prevent a potential worldwide nuclear catastrophe, is urgent and critical.”

The need to keep Russia from flying planes into the country is essential for many reasons. Some people believe that Russia can use its nuclear weapons against its targets.

For some strange reason, other Western nations have looked down on a no-fly zone. The zone would require any Russian aircraft trying to penetrate the zone to be blasted out of the sky by western forces. And they are just not willing to attack Russia because they see it as too much of a risk to their safety. So instead, they are willing to let the Ukrainian people perish.

The Ukrainian people need support, but they will not get it from weak rulers that are not willing to get their hands dirty and defend millions of people that Vladimir Putin has put in danger.

The statement made by the group of supporters was clear. They noted that people would have a different tone on the war if they were the ones facing death and destruction. It is easy to turn a blind eye and act like nothing is wrong when a war is thousands of miles away.

The Guggenheim Museum had ties to Russia in that one of the trustees of the building was Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin. This man stepped down because he was part of Vladimir Putin’s circle of billionaires. There was some kind of connection to the war that Potanin did not want to be revealed.

The people visiting the museum thought the act was exciting. The chance to see so many paper airplanes released indoors at a multi-open floor complex was fun to watch for them. But the message that supporters were trying to get across came out loud and cleared.

The museum already has its version of a no-fly zone for the complex. The two people were stopped at the door because they had intentions of handing out literature that was not conducive to the atmosphere of the museum. No one can come into the place and hand out any type of flyer promoting an agenda. And they certainly do not have permission to launch aircraft over the rails and take over the complex.

Joe Biden has hard choices to make in the coming days. But so far, he has chosen to support Putin in his war efforts. The president may verbally condemn Putin’s actions on television, but he supports Russia’s rise to power deep down in his soul.