Biden to Spend $2.6 Billion on Gender Equality Initiatives Worldwide…

As you well know, the world is facing down the barrel of what could very possibly turn into World War III, with Russia invading Ukraine, China threatening Taiwan, and both Iran and North Korea believed to be ramping up their nuclear supplies.

What may be even more pressing are the everyday crises facing us here at home. You know, things like an economy that is now inflated beyond belief, supply chains on a national level whose demands cannot be met, and, of course, immigration security that is nearly non-existent and threatening the livelihoods of hard-working Americans.

There is, of course, the ongoing race wars that the political left started a few years back that claim that equity, not equality, is our right, that one race is somehow inherently lesser than another, and that the color of your skin suddenly matters more than your efforts and accomplishments.

Add all this to the ongoing repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and its historic unemployment rates and you have a nation on the brink of absolute collapse.

But don’t worry, our fearful leader (have you seen him run into hiding when something sticky occurs?), Democratic President Joe Biden, has a plan for it all.

What is it?

Well, to spend more money on global “gender equality” initiatives, of course.

If you didn’t know, Tuesday was International Women’s Day. And as such, Biden chose that day to announce his latest and greatest spending proposal, which he is particularly proud about.

In a statement on the subject, he said, “I’m proud that my FY 2023 Budget will request $2.6 billion for foreign assistance programs that promote gender equality worldwide, more than doubling the amount requested for gender programs last year.”

Note that by using words like “foreign” and “global,” Biden is insinuating that women here at home might not get much of his help.

You know, women and mothers are now forced to pay outrageous gas prices just to get their kids back and from school, to practice, to home, etc. These are also the same mothers that leftists and even the FBI has taken to calling “domestic terrorists” because they have the audacity to question what their children are being taught in schools.

Neither will these monies seem to benefit the thousands of women and girls whose sports and athletic careers are now being threatened by men who can’t figure out who or what they want to be.

Or what about the thousands of nurses who just lost their jobs nationwide due to his COVID vaccine mandates and their unwillingness to risk their lives and their health for the sake of his draconian wishes? Sure, the orders affect more than just women, but I dare you to find me an industry more dominated by women. I’ll wait…

He did, of course, mention women who may have fallen victim to such atrocities as sexual abuse, assault, harassment, and domestic abuse, as well he should.

But, then, he quickly negated any small amount of respect we might have felt about that by making a statement about pushing for the “whole-of-government effort to protect reproductive rights,” i.e., abortion – as if the act of childbearing was not something found in the strict domain of women.

He will presumably also put his money to use on legislation that will help to combat the “obstacles that limit (women’s) possibilities and undermine their participation in economic, political, and social life.” Just as long as it doesn’t also fly in the face of his wishes to let men play in women’s sports, be placed inside women’s prisons, or be allowed to use the same restrooms as our daughters and sisters.

And while he claims that the pandemic brought to light certain barriers for women in the workforce, he’s not about to rescind his mandate for health care workers to be double jabbed.

He might be proud of this recent budget proposal, but for the rest of us, we are vastly unconvinced that these initiatives will do little else but increase the federal deficit and place Biden’s time and focus on matters that, in the grand scheme of things, could wait until later to be dealt with.

As I mentioned, we are facing crises on a global scale. I’m talking about oil prices through the roof, international wars, etc. And yet, what Biden wants to focus on at the moment is spending more on gender equality…