Is the Government Hiding the Truth About Aliens From Us?

There’s been a lot of talk about UFOs in the past few years. We’ve all seen the videos that were taken by the military of the flying objects executing fast and impossibly odd maneuvers. The question is, have aliens come to visit us? If they have, it’s a massive cover-up from the government – and we want the truth.

The DOD doesn’t want us to have the truth. They likely don’t think that we can handle it. And, if we’re being honest, we probably can’t. Not everyone can play it cool if ET lands in our front yard and wants to phone home. There would likely be mass hysteria if a UFO actually landed.

Still, we should get to find out.

The DOD wants to make sure that anything having to do with UFOs, which is officially categorized as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), will be classified, meaning that the general public will never get to hear about it.

Avril Haines, the Director of National Intelligence, acknowledged that there’s actually so much government classification that it undermines U.S. security. In a letter that she wrote to senators, she explained “It is my view that deficiencies in the current classification system undermine our national security, as well as critical democratic objectives, by impeding our ability to share information in a timely manner.”

We’ve all seen the movies. The government always sits on the information because it is “classified.” Had they shared it with the general public earlier on, thousands of lives could have been saved.

It’s why there’s so little faith in the federal government. They keep too many secrets.

Haines points out something else – excessive classification also “reduces the Intelligence Community’s capacity to effectively support senior policymaker decision-making.”

If there is intelligent life out there, and they have been entering our atmosphere, we should know. It would make it easier to figure out what we’re going to do next. Are we going to try to communicate with them? Shoot them out of the sky?

Biden proves repeatedly that he’s not one of the brightest minds of our time. There are plenty of intellectuals who don’t work for the government. And by knowing that UFOs are being seen with regularity, it would allow them to contribute something that could help.

The DOD has a full task force dedicated to investigating UAPs. The videos that were released in 2017 were unclassified. Since then, any such videos are classified as “secret.” A briefing guide released by the DOD has even gone as far as saying that the videos from 2017 and anything else moving forward is classified.

Now, when we’re talking about the values of a democracy, excessive classification is completely unacceptable. It means that the government is keeping too much from us – and it should be available to everyone.

If the government wants to keep information from us, they have to at least give us a reason why. What do they think will happen if we find out that a UAP was recorded?

Who knows, though? It’s all a matter of who gets to it first. The military may be able to capture the information first so that the DOD can lock it down. Though, a TikToker might be able to get a live feed of it happening first – and then, well, it’s game on.