John Kerry Sucks Down His Pride as China Claims They Are Burning More Coal Than Ever

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John Kerry has been living a double life ever since he was made the czar of climate change by Joe Biden. His duplicity is seen in him flying around giving speeches and acting like he knows something. The irony behind the man is that he uses public transportation to get from one location to the next. And those transportation methods use a lot of fuel and leave a huge carbon footprint for future generations to deal with.

Kerry has made it his mission to work at getting nations around the world to jump on the climate bandwagon and work to reduce carbon emissions before the end of the world comes. He has been after China to join up to the point where he has begged them for months. And just when it seems that the communist country is going to act, they announce that they will start burning more coal and cut ties with international suppliers.

The Daily Wire found that Bloomberg News reported that “The National Development and Reform Commission, the nation’s top economic planner, told officials from major mining regions at a meeting late last week that it wants to boost domestic production capacity by about 300 million tons, according to people familiar with the matter. It also plans to build a 620 million-ton stockpile of the fuel split between government, miners and users.”

China’s announcement popped Kerry’s climate bubble. With one stroke of the pen, the communist nation decided that they would produce more coal stockpiles and burn them up into the atmosphere. Kerry’s cultic followers are still wondering what went wrong.

The Democratic Party wants the world to think that every country has the same desire to reduce emissions. But when it comes right down to it, the world’s nations could care less about the climate. They are determined to do what is suitable for their countries. And it would be a good idea for the liberals of America to follow their lead.

But Biden is determined to bring America back to the horse and buggy era.

China is expected to mine millions of tons of coal and stockpile it for future usage. John Kerry is just beside himself because all of the efforts he put into working with the Chinese and getting them to cut back was worthless. Kerry’s actions are worthless since his understanding of the climate is skewed by his false belief that the Democrats can somehow control it all.

The Chinese people have been going through brownouts in some country regions. The government is trying to meet the need for greater power consumption, and they are not going to wait for John Kerry to produce the alternatives he has been promising for years. The Democrats are full of wishful thinking without any recourse to produce results.

The Daily Wire also reported that “It’s hard to overstate the importance to China of coal, the most polluting fossil fuel. The nation produces and consumes more than half of the global supply, and it’s the biggest contributor to its world-leading greenhouse gas emissions. China has said that coal consumption should begin to fall off in the second half of this decade as it strives to peak emissions across the economy by 2030.”

But for now, John Kerry will have to eat his words, and watch as the Chinese burn their coal. Kerry hates the fact that he cannot force the communists to obey his commands. But when people sit with him and talk about the climate, it is hard to take him seriously since he travels on the very vehicles he is out preaching against.

John Kerry does not get the warm welcome that he would like. Instead of the old man, many people would not come to their area of the world. His way of life does not mix well with the rest of the world. The sick part about Kerry’s plan for the world is that he ignores the abuses of humanity in places around the world. He is more concerned about the air than the people who breathe the air.