Putin Approves New Law Allowing His Country to Seize Planes to Fight Against Sanctions

Vladimir Putin is sending signals that the end of the war is near. The way major financial companies and businesses have pulled out of Russia has made it challenging for the power-hungry man to wage war. But what has even made it worse for him are the sanctions imposed against his country. And that is what led to him signing into law the ability for his country to seize aircraft leased to airlines for travel within Russia legally.

Russia needs to find a way to break through the sanctions and loss of business support if he continues his war efforts seriously. The crazy man seriously underestimated the cost of war and what would happen to his country once he stepped into Ukrainian territory. The world’s powerful nations reacted by placing the sanctions with the hopes that Putin would think twice. But he is committed to his dream of a powerful Russian state.

The Daily Wire found that the Wall Street Journal reported that “the law would allow Russian airlines to keep and operate commuter planes on lease from foreign aircraft manufacturers that have pulled out of the Russian market and canceled contracts with airlines in the face of sanctions.”

Russia now has the means to keep the assets left behind by the companies that pulled out because Russia went to war. Putin’s attempt to keep his country moving forward will fail because he will not be able to get the parts; he needs to keep the planes running safely. He is risking the lives of his people on an idea that will have little to no effect on the sanctions.

The war is having an adverse effect on Russia that Putin failed to realize.

The Daily Reported that the “Department of Transportation announced on March 1 that both it and the Federal Aviation Administration were issuing orders blocking Russian aircraft from entering U.S. airspace. The DOT order and FAA Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) suspended operations of all flights, both passenger and cargo, for all Russian air carriers and commercial operators, regardless of the country of registry; aircraft registered in Russia; Russian state aircraft; and all aircraft owned, chartered, leased, operated or controlled by a Russian individual or business, regardless of the country of registry.”

No plane with any Russian tie will be allowed to operate in American airspace. The potential for an attack is high, and Putin will not be allowed to continue to act like nothing is wrong. Putin is abusing the Russian people since he is unwilling to stop the war and return home. Only those aircraft with an emergency or need help will be allowed to land anywhere in America.

Russia needs aircraft to move its people around and supplies to the border. That is another reason why Putin signed the law allowing his country to take over aircraft for his war. The United States was one of the first regions to restrict Russian-tied aircraft. And now it looks like the European Union is set to follow the same path.

Most of Russia’s fleet of airliners is leased from other nations. They own very few aircraft themselves. But even if they own all the planes, they still will not be able to maintain the planes for very long. They will end up having to operate the aircraft illegally since no one will be allowed in to work on them.

Putin must find a way to circumvent the sanctions and fund his war. He was not ready to wage war against a world that is heavily dependent on each person for financial means. He did not plan and have the structure he needed to be self-sufficient as a nation. Russia depends on others much like the rest of the world does.

The cost of warfare hardly is ever contained to the battlefield. The effects extend to the homeland. And the Russian people will feel the brunt of their dictator’s actions.