TSA Extends Mask Mandates Despite the Science Saying Otherwise

Perfect Wave / shutterstock.com

If you’ve flown in the past two years, you know that you need to suffocate yourself behind a mask from the moment you get onto airport property until the time you land and leave the airport property in your destination city.

Flights that last an hour or so aren’t too bad. However, flights of three hours or more can feel as though you’re going to pass out due to insufficient air. The only time TSA allows for a mask to be removed is if you’re actively eating or drinking – and some airlines want you to mask up between bites or sips, too.

Now, perhaps you’ll remember that Biden once said that we all just needed to mask up for 100 days. Those days have come and gone – and the TSA mandate is still in place.

Airlines continue to say that their advanced air filtration systems are good enough that people don’t need to mask up. And many members of the GOP have been pushing for the mask mandates to go away.

Mask mandates are being lifted everywhere – in schools, movie theaters, convention centers, and more – all across the country.

TSA’s mask mandate was set to expire on March 18. Everyone was excited to see that they would finally go away. Ahh, but the liberals love to “follow the science.” They decided to renew the mandate for at least one more month.

The science doesn’t support their decision.

Even the CDC is beginning to lift the recommendations for masks. And some airlines, including British Airways, have eliminated the mask mandates – though they keep them in place for flights going into and out of the U.S.

Why is it that the U.S. is being so strict about the mask mandates? Even when people are fully vaccinated, there’s still the insistence of wearing a mask. They say that the science deems it necessary, but the science has been contradictory to what the TSA mandates are for a while now.

Air filtration on planes is superior to virtually everywhere else. If anything, we’re safer on a plane than inside homes or schools. If we can go maskless everywhere else, it seems absolutely pointless to have to strap fabric to our faces just to fly somewhere.

But, no one has ever said that the Biden administration is sensible.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) has decided to get a bit louder about the problem once TSA announced that they were going to extend the mandate yet again. He tweeted out “End the TSA mask mandate. Freedom!”

Jordan isn’t the only one to become vocal about the infringement on our freedom, either. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has been vocal for months about the issue. He has been using the Senate to get the results that the GOP is after. Once TSA made its decision, the Senate passed Paul’s resolution that would ban the mask mandate for all forms of public travel including planes, trains, and buses. The resolution passed 57-40, which showed that even Democratic Senators were tired of the masks.

Paul explained. “Today, the Senate said enough is enough, and sent a message to unelected government bureaucrats to stop the anti-science, nanny state requirement of travel mask mandates.”

Paul is tired of the fear-mongering that’s been promoted by the Biden administration. He wants to focus on “rational advice” on how people can protect themselves from COVID and any other illness.

Now that the Senate has passed this resolution, it doesn’t mean that you can simply walk onto a plane without a mask, however. It simply means that the Senate has spoken – and we are one step closer to being able to breathe freely. It’s crazy how we have to fight against a tyrannical president who doesn’t even want to let us breathe. And he wonders why his approval rating continues to plummet.