GOP Rep. Green Says Biden Is Willing To Let Ukrainians Suffer so He Can Make a Deal With Iran

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Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) took some time out on St. Paddy’s day to speak with Fox News about President Biden. During this short but emotionally charged appearance, Green made it crystal clear where Biden’s priorities really are. Sadly, those priorities are not with the people of Ukraine, they aren’t with Americans; just for himself and his image.

“I honestly believe that Joe Biden would do anything to get the Iran deal. And I don’t really understand it. It’s counterintuitive. Iran killed 700-plus Americans. The IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) coming off the terrorist list, these guys killed American soldiers…He will do anything to get this deal. So, halting, or choosing not to go all the way to stop Putin is just one of many things that he’s willing to do to get this deal.”

This push for Iranian oil is not something new for Biden or the left as a whole. Their idea of being able to do business with the same people who would love to see us suffer and die off is atrocious. This plan to do whatever he has to for oil to go back down is nothing short of madness. Especially when he is making the use of American oil near impossible at the same time.

America needs something to give. We have been losing economic ground steadily since Biden took office. His decision to play to his party over doing what is best for our people is absolute madness. We have become an incredibly weakened nation under his guise. His refusal to hear anything but the progressive left’s concepts means we are in a stalemate until the midterm elections later this year. After that, conservatives should be looking at a much brighter future for the country.

The idea of doing business with the same country and leadership that violently targeted our service members in Iraq and Afghanistan is disturbing. We have already seen how his work with the Taliban helps people attempting to flee Afghanistan as the U.S. was pulling out. It was an abysmal failure on a global stage. If this had been Trump in office when this occurred, we would be seeing cries for impeachment 24/7. Instead, it has been crickets.

Iran has been attacking the small contingency of U.S. troops left in Iraq on a semi-regular basis. Their claims that they are just tightening the score after our attacks are comical at best. They have done everything they can to keep from establishing peace in the Middle East. From supplying rockets to Palestine, to ensuring ISIS and other factions of terrorism had a home in their borders, the country has been a thorn in the side of America for decades.

Rep. Green shed even more light on the end game for Biden with these new moves. “I think if you were to ask them, behind closed doors, what they want is the 200 — I think it’s about 2 million barrels of oil a day that the Iranians would get to release, that would increase the supply and decrease the price of oil. That’s the only upside to Biden is he’ll be able to say, I decreased the price of oil because I increased the supply from Iran. But what that really means is billions, about $50 billion going to Iran… So, I mean, it makes no sense to those of us who want to keep the world free. I guess it makes sense for Joe Biden if he wants to decrease oil prices.”