The First Lady Invites Spouses to the White House, But the Unvaccinated Will Pay a Price

mark reinstein /

It’s a good news, bad news story…Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, has invited a group of congressional spouses to the White House for a nice social event. It will feature delicacies that anyone would love to eat. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that anyone who comes who is unvaccinated will not be able to eat one bite of the feast, according to one report of the scheduled event.

A screenshot of an invitation to Jill Biden’s event showed the first lady’s COVID-19 guidelines. The wife of Republican Florida Congressman Byron Donalds, Erika Donalds, shared the screenshot on social media, and the Western Journal reported that those guidelines were “more arbitrary and discriminatory than you might expect.”

Donalds wrote along with her screenshot on Twitter, “First Lady Jill Biden was kind enough to invite me & the other Congressional spouses to a reception at the White House. I just have to take a COVID test, & as an unvaccinated person (with natural immunity) I won’t be allowed to eat, drink, or talk to anyone. Should be a blast!”

The invitation from the First Lady explicitly said that fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask on the White House grounds. But that guests who are not fully vaccinated would be required to wear a mask at all times and they would have to abstain from eating or drinking. And oh yea, they would also be required to maintain at least a 6-foot distance from all other people while on the White House grounds.

So, in other words, feel free to come, just don’t plan on eating, drinking, or really talking to anyone. This is a clearly thought-out move targeting the GOP wives. Some did not want the vaccine for their own personal reasons. And by the way, isn’t the Democratic Party known for the “My body, my choice” mantras?

What makes this even more interesting is that the guidelines for Jill Biden’s event don’t follow the guidelines for regular guests that come for tours of the hallowed grounds. Last week, the White House announced that tours would resume and there were no mask requirements for the public, even in the First Lady’s home, according to the Western Journal.

According to the website for the White House, they will keep monitoring the COVID-19 situation and follow the guidance that comes from the CDC and other medical experts. The website also had this in their guidelines, “Within the 10 days prior to the public tour, anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, has had any COVID-19 symptoms, or been in close contact with someone confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19, should stay home. Face masks will be available when entering the White House complex for those who choose to wear them.”

The Western Journal noted the hypocrisy by saying that it seems that tourist families that visit the White House for Spring Break can go in without masks whether they have been vaccinated or not, but unvaccinated political spouses have to mask up and not eat, drink or get within six feet of anyone else if they haven’t had the shot.

This is fully in line with past remarks made by President Joe Biden. He has continually criticized and even tried to fire people who made the personal decision not to get the COVID vaccine. And he has falsely claimed that there is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The president tried to institute vaccine requirements in the private sector, but the Supreme Court thought otherwise.

So take note, there are partisan conditions to the hospitality within the Biden administration. You can come…but don’t plan on enjoying yourself.