Moderna Sets Babies in Their Sights for COVID Jab

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The COVID-19 virus has taken its place alongside a long list of coronavirus types that plague humanity with the common cold each year. The difference between the strains of viral bugs is that the COVID-19 virus seems to have been engineered. Many thought it would simply disappear, but like all viral agents, it started to mutate, and now it will keep itself one step ahead of man’s best efforts to eradicate it from the earth.

The vaccine was supposed to be the agent to get the world back on its feet. But the stubborn Democrats used the vaccine as a step to gain more power. Their push to control people and pass mandates was their lustful attempt to take over the country.

For months, they pushed the vaccine on adults and acted like natural immunity was a hoax. They made it seem like they were walking COVID-19 plagues that needed to be put down unless a person was vaccinated. And when that did not pan out the way they had planned, they turned on the youth and tried the same thing, only to fail again. The only category left now is the babies.

Moderna has announced that they have found a way for babies and more minors to be vaccinated. They plan to reduce the potency of the vaccine. They are so determined to target kids under the age of six that they are willing to risk it all by giving more minor of the shot to people. The virus has never posed a danger to kids. It has been the Democrats that have caused them the most harm with their mandates and keeping them out of the classrooms.

It is all about the kid-sized dose that they think is the answer. The news is bound to give Joe Biden an ace up the sleeve when it comes time to report back to school in the fall. As a wretched liberal, he will find a way to use the child-sized vaccination for his selfish purposes.

The mass confusion still exists between which company has a better shot. Pfizer is also going after the issue by testing its version. They have had two failed tests and are now working on a third. The problem for these companies is that they compete to win the following line of vaccination rights. For them, it is all about the money and not about the patient.

There is no doubt that the outcome of the midterm elections will play a large part in how Biden will try and capitalize on the child-sized vaccination.

Dr. Bill Muller from Northwestern University has been watching the development of the Maderna brand. He stated that “There’s still, I think, a lingering urgency to try to get that done as soon as possible.” No one can admit that the moment is gone, and the urgency has disappeared to vaccinate kids. The push is purely driven by how much money can be made.

There is no mention of new vaccines being developed for adults and the new variants that appeared out of nowhere. The only focus is on getting the first round out for the kids to be shot up with.

Moderna has gathered its human test subjects of 6,900 babies. They shot their arms full of various amounts of vaccine and watched their blood counts. The company stated that the kids needed two shots to get the same reaction as adults after all of their boosters and extra doses were pushed into their veins.

The company claims that its doses are safe. They claim that there are side effects but were nothing compared to their competition. But there is no reason why they would claim anything but that comment. After all, they compete with others to make a profit for the year.

Experts claim that the virus is not bad for kids. Of the estimated 18 million kids under the age of five, only a fraction of a percent got sick with the virus. The need to push for a vaccine for kids is a moot point since their bodies can quickly fight it off like every other cold virus each year.