What a Surprise, Socialism Getting Bumpy From the Start in Portugal

studio f22 ricardo rocha / shutterstock.com

File this one under ‘Things that only surprise liberals’, but socialism once again isn’t working out like the people who want it think it should. This time it’s being tried in Portugal, and so far after three consecutive terms in power, they still cannot get it right.

Fumbling and stumbling their way along like a baby giraffe, these fools are doing nothing more than making a mockery of the government in Portugal. Their blunders are somewhat well documented but consistently explained as if they are intentional with proper ideas behind them, but realistically they are nothing more than utter failures.

The latest failure came after they swept the latest elections and took 119 seats in the 230-seat parliament for a four-year term. António Costa has been leading the Socialist Party since 2015 and was set to debut the names of those selected to fill the seats on March 23rd. Hours before the announcement was to be made, they were leaked to the press. The head of state, who is in opposition to the Socialist Party, abruptly canceled the briefing.

This comes hot on the heels of the huge problems on January 30th from people living abroad casting their absentee ballots. This huge blunder forced the swearing-in of these elected officials to March 30th. Missteps like these are making the case for why socialism is a gigantic failure, and their economy is just a part of that failure.

Portugal is currently way behind on everything they need to do because of these actions. One of the biggest areas they are lacking is a budget for 2022. As of right now, it stands to be delayed all the way until June. This was seen as the budget that would get the nation back to pre-COVID production, but they aren’t getting back there at all. If anything, they are regressing further down the rabbit hole.

Costa is mixing in a large part of the liberal agenda with his politics as well. With women taking a central focus in his cabinet, he has given them nine of the 17 positions in his cabinet, and breaking tradition in the nation by doing so. Maneuvers like this are seen as a way to balance out the mix of new politics and old inside the small nation, but thus far his politics are producing nothing but problems for the nation.

Socialism has proven time after time to be nothing more than a grab for more power. As people are elected, they are finding their predecessors moving into other posts to keep them in power. People like former Lisbon mayor Fernando Medina are being placed into roles like his as finance minister. He has nearly zero financial experience but is a huge asset to Costa and has the potential to be a party leader in the future. Never mind the fact that he lost his position as mayor after reports surfaced of him selling information about citizens to Russia and Israel.

The more you look at these political shell games being played by socialists, it becomes clear just how poorly this kind of government functions. Yet, the people of Portugal hold on to the belief that it could work. Even with overwhelming evidence that it has failed since it got out of the starting blocks, they cannot wrap their mind around the idea of it failing. It’s this kind of willful ignorance that makes it so dangerous.

Here in the U.S., people like AOC and Bernie Sanders as well as their supporters hold it up as a beautiful system that just has yet to be done right. They refuse to admit that it has been tried in nearly every conceivable faction, but it just does not work out for them or the people in the short or long term. The level of corruption in this system is huge, and Portugal serves as a prime example.