Joe Biden Gives Illegal Caravan Secret Message To Start Heading North

Saeschie Wagner /

Joe Biden is the illegal person’s best friend. Biden has concluded that he needs to have the illegals in America to usher them to citizenhood on the fast track method by using his executive powers. He provides them with clues and messages that alert them when it is a great time to start forming the caravans and moving to the north.

The president has told migrants to form their caravan by telling people that the COVID-19 restrictions that govern the borders will be lifted soon. And there will be no justification left for turning these people away from having illegal access to the United States.

It is estimated that nearly 500 people got the message and are now forming their invasion force. These illegals are coming from Central America and other regions. They have already made their way into Mexico, which means their next stop is the United States.

These illegals make their journey into some religious practice. People in the front of the caravan carry across as they move along. But now, they are getting bolder in their attempts to break into the country. They have in the past used the cross they carry as a weapon to break the barrier lines of border agents and law enforcement.

The president refuses to see the caravans as an invasion. They are not respecting the laws of the country they are trying to invade. All they want is to be let in so they can terrorize legal residents of America. They have no intention of paying their fair part of taxes. All they want is for Joe Biden to socialize America so they can have a free part of the prosperity that makes a living in America great.

American law enforcement and border patrol had to use riot gear and deterrents to fight back. Ever since Biden got into the White House, the illegals have become bold in their attacks and methods they use to storm the border. They know that the old man is not going to do a thing about stopping them from flowing over the border.

Newsmax reported that “The migrants set out from the southern Mexico City of Tapachula, near the border with Guatemala, early Friday. Migrants have complained they have been essentially confined to Tapachula by the slow processing of their asylum cases and that they are unable to find work in the border state of Chiapas that would allow them to support their families.”

These people fail to understand that to find work in America, they must prove that they are legal citizens. Some people have reasoned that they have a right to cross without waiting on their paperwork.

Nordic Chavez is one illegal that is part of the caravan. He stated, “They are practically holding us prisoners; they do not allow us to leave this state because we are not regularized here. They require us to get a visa, but we never get any answers. We fill out paperwork, but they never process it.”

These people are impatient and need to wait like everyone else for their paperwork to be processed. They believe they are unique because they come from a country that abuses its people.

The Biden administration makes people believe that they are entitled to the prosperity found within America. The old man refuses to protect legal citizens because he believes that they somehow are the reason there is poverty in the world.

Biden’s message that he was opening the border up for people to cross without worrying about being turned away has caused many to start the trip north. The president is guilty of informing outside invaders with information that enables them to cross the border and invade the southern part of the country. His betrayal of America is worthy of impeachment. And given a chance, the Republicans will bring the betrayer to justice and see that he answers for his part in destroying the southern border.