GOP Member Who Voted to Impeach Trump Wisely Chooses Retirement…

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As you have likely figured out by now, things are not looking too good for Democrats regarding the upcoming November midterm elections. In fact, according to just about everyone, they are looking downright dismal, with Democratic losses expected to return both the House of Representatives and the Senate back to a firm Republican majority.

As such, more than a few Democratic lawmakers have chosen this year and this election cycle to bow out and end their careers on a good note rather than defeat. And by a few, I mean a whopping 31 so far, with more making similar announcements every day.

However, you might have noticed that Democratic Party members aren’t the only ones desperately looking to jump ship. Now, it’s typical for at least some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to retire each election season. After all, even lawmakers get old and tired of their jobs.

There is also a startling number of GOP members who have also decided to retire ahead of the 2022 election season, with an unsurprising number of those being individuals who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Republican Representative Fred Upton from Michigan is such a soul.

After three decades on Capitol Hill, Upton has made it official; he will be retiring after his current term is up in November, according to the Detroit Free Press. During his rather surprising announcement on the House floor, he said, “Even the best stories have a last chapter. This is it for me.”

Now, this may not be surprising to you, as Upton has to know that those who voted to impeach Trump aren’t expected to do all that well in the coming political contest. However, for a great many, the time of it is rather astounding, especially since Upton had, even as late as February, still planned on running in 2022. In fact, during that month, he even put out a couple of TV campaign ads.

So what changed his mind?

Well, most suspect that a large part of it has something to do with newly redrawn district lines in his state that put both him and the Trump-endorsed GOP Representative Bill Huizenga in the same district.

Before the redistricting occurred, it seemed that Upton was completely sold on re-election, despite being from a district that has been red for several years and one that went for Trump in both 2016 and 2020. According to the Free Press, he was even ok with running against Representative Steve Carra, who Trump had endorsed to run against him.

When the district lines were changed in March, making his opponent Huizenga, he must have changed his mind. Trump also did, announcing that his choice for Upton’s replacement was now Huizenga and not Carra.

And within just a few weeks, we now have Upton announcing his retirement…

It’s interesting to note that of the nine Republican lawmakers who voted against Trump in the impeachment trials following the January 6 incursion at the Capitol, 4 of them have now announced that they will be retiring, according to Axios. The other three are Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, and John Katko from New York.

Upton’s plans could also have to do with the obvious and growing national dislike for current President Joe Biden. And seeing as how Upton is one of a few who actually shares a “bipartisan” relationship with Biden, thanks to the Problem Solvers Caucus, his constituents may find it that much more difficult to choose him over a Trump supporter.

In addition, Upton has in the past boasted of his support for several agenda items Trump was squarely against, such as a supposedly bipartisan infrastructure bill.

In any case, it seems the writing is on the wall for not only Democrats but those who sided with them against Trump and his policies. Luckily for Upton, he’s wise enough to see it for what it is and act accordingly. Unfortunately, I imagine a few arrogant others will not and, as a result, see all their hard work quickly go down the drain.