Gavin Newsom Can’t Tell The Rich from the Poor in Cali

Amir Aziz /

Gavin Newsom is a tyrant out of touch with time. He thinks he has a grip on reality, but his actions tell a different story. He decided that it would be good to send food stamps worth $1,700 to people in North County San Diego. His idea seemed sound, except he sent a lot of the cards to people considered to be high-income. The resources were intended to help the poor but, instead, subsidized the rich.

Newsom’s idea was to target the families of two high schools and send them not just one card but multiple cards based on the number of students in the home. The Daily Wire reported that RealClearPolitics released a report that showed the average household income was $138,078 to $200,000. The report also stated that “A California DSS spokesperson tells RCP that 854 schools in the state fit into the same federal school lunch category as the two schools in North County San Diego where all students received the cards – Torrey Pines High School and La Costa Canyon High School.”

Newsom is playing favorites at this point in the game. The same benefit should have been extended to the other schools in the state. But Newsom’s preference is one of favoritism and not fairness.

The money was supposed to be used to help struggling families and not to help the rich. The report also mentions that the criterion for eligibility is the student has to be on the free meals program.

The report also mentioned that “If all students at these schools received the cards regardless of income, as appears to be the case, it would amount to more than $1 billion in federal P-EBT going to California students who usually wouldn’t qualify for federal reimbursement for free breakfasts and lunches.”

Newsom has been known to make questionable financial decisions in the past. The slick-headed governor was accused of awarding lucrative contracts to high-end campaign donors. The illegal practice is a way for people and companies to get financially ahead by contributing to Newsom’s campaign.

Another issue that the socialist governor is experiencing is that $183 million worth of the food cards never even made it to the families. And what makes matters worse for Newsom is that the distribution of funds should have never been done the way he designed it.

John Boozman is the ranking Republican Senator who sits on the Senate Agriculture Committee. He has pointed out that the Pandemic EBT program was never meant to be used in the way Newsom has. Gavin Newsom should have developed a means of distribution that allowed the state to hand out the cards to families that needed them. The families in need would have had to apply for them and prove a need exists. And, then, the cards would have been sent to them.

Newsom tried to cut corners and get the cards out to feel like a hero. The easiest way was to send them to many high school students and claim that their families received them.

The Californian governor has a long history of questionable decisions that he’s made. He constantly blames people for things that aren’t their fault. He blamed the fires on people using their air conditioners during fire season. He ended up shutting off power to homes for a week to punish them for keeping their homes cooled. The actual reason for the fires was Newsom’s poor land management policies.

Newsom’s decision to send out food stamp cards to people that didn’t need them is just another wrong decision on his part. Democrats all over the country are proving to be more trouble than they are worth. The abuse they have put people under has caused many of their long-time supporters to defect to the Republican Party. The midterm elections will be an eye-opener for those that realize that they cannot continue to treat people like peasants.