DOJ Proves Untrustworthy So Republicans Launch Their Own Investigation into Hunter Biden


The Democrats love to put on a front that makes it seem that they are working on problems that the people want answers to. They make it look like an investigation is moving forwards. But all of it is just a show because deep down inside their hearts, they do not want the truth to come out that they are lying to the public and are involved in the nasty business.

Hunter Biden has been getting away with massive crimes for a long time. The Democrats and the Department of Justice have been screwing around for years, supposedly investigating the man for breaking the law but have yet to provide any substantial proof proving Hunter Biden to be guilty or innocent.

The Republicans have had enough of the circus routine. They are vowing to take on the liberals in an all-out investigation that will, ultimately, dig into Hunter Biden’s past and business dealings with international figures. Politico reported that “The younger Biden’s connections to a Chinese energy company are already under the DOJ’s microscope, with a grand jury hearing testimony earlier this year as part of an investigation into his tax dealings and possible violations of foreign lobbying laws.” These investigations are dragging on and silently being put to rest because the son of the president will be a drag on the already despised Joe Biden.

James Comer is said to take over The House Oversight Committee once the red wave finishes cleaning out the trash. He pointed out that political reasons are not why the Republican Party will thoroughly dissect the young man. His illegal dealings and dark connections with people worldwide have a lot of people demanding answers to things that he has been involved with ever since his daddy was the vice president.

Comer believes that Hunter Biden is a threat to the country. Politico also reported that Comer “hopes DOJ doesn’t indict Hunter Biden before Republicans come into power because it would give him a reason to ignore a congressional subpoena, setting up a high-profile fight with DOJ. And on Tuesday, House Republicans on the Oversight panel previewed their push by seeking a subpoena for the presidential son at a committee hearing centering on electric vehicles.”

The Republicans need their time alone with the man to find answers that the Democratic-run Department of Justice will just cover up. It is a race to see which party will get their hooks into the man before the other side can make a move. The Democrats have only been dragging their feet so far. They are good at missing opportunities to impress the voters, and this is one of those instances where the voter wants to know the truth.

One of the reasons the Democrats do not want to make a big deal with Hunter Biden is that he will be a bad image of his father. The Democratic Party cannot afford to have any more issues and problems that will damage its credibility. The liberals have already ruined their truthfulness, and now they are working on damaging their trustworthiness.

Hunter Biden was the center of social media censoring conservatives during the 2020 election. The liberal platforms would not allow conservatives to share damaging stories related to Hunter Biden because it would have cost Joe Biden the election. The liberals would maintain that Republicans are just looking for a way to split the country further. But the liberals have already done a fine job of making that happen.

The Department of Justice and the Democratic Party need a massive shakeup. Both entities have become corrupt and crooked from within. The liberals running both organizations are so tied up in crooked dealings that they cannot afford to investigate one of their own since it would tie many of them to criminal activities.

The only way to get to the truth is for the Republicans to run their investigation with complete openness. The people of America must see and hear precisely what is taking place, so there is no chance of the Democrats complaining about twisting the facts.