The More Involved Mayor Lightfoot Becomes, the Worse Chicago Gets


As Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot steps up to do even more to try to save her city, the Democrat finds herself only making the problems worse. The weekend of April 8-10 in Chicago saw 27 people being shot, with six of them suffering fatal wounds. Yet, Mayor Lightfoot keeps trying to push forward even harsher ideas for gun laws and regulations – all while lowering the expectations for criminals to be punished.

While these kinds of statistics would be alarming in any city, this doesn’t account for vehicular homicide, someone being beaten to death, stabbed, or even assaulted. Just gun crimes. Consider for a moment how strict the gun laws are in Chicago. These laws are not protecting the people who need protection. They, instead, protect the criminal who cares not about the law anyway.

Let’s all be adults here for a moment. With these gun laws, it is nearly impossible to legally carry a pistol in Chicago. This means people are walking around largely unarmed. Easy targets for a quick score, and less to worry about. So, why would they care if their gun is illegal or being misused? Liberal reforms have given them a get out of the jail-free card, so if the victim acts out, open fire. The cops won’t come quickly, if at all, anyways.

These criminals are also picking on the elderly. The Chicago Sun-Times reported a 61-year-old was found dead in an apartment and “appeared to have a gunshot wound to the side of the head.” People getting killed in this manner aren’t a mistake. They are not being mistaken for someone else. Up that close and it becomes personal – and better access to firearms may have prevented that death.

Making firearms more difficult for people to obtain is one of the cornerstones of progressive politics. They see just how easy it can be to get people to give up their rights in the name of safety. Granted, the idea of handing over your firearms to stop shootings is kind of like cutting off your manhood to stop rape or breaking your shot glasses to prevent drunken driving. At the end of the day, this boils down to personal responsibility.

The idea of holding people accountable for their actions is something Mayor Lightfoot just cannot wrap her mind around. Her jails have turned into a revolving door for criminals to go in, learn what they did wrong, and get back out there to try again with their lessons learned. This kind of system isn’t promoting changes or safety for the victims of these crimes. Instead, the victims are being blamed.

When groups of teens from the Chicago area were storming high-end stores and taking tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise and smashing things to bits, Mayor Lightfoot just blamed the shop owners. She felt like hiring more private security, installing bigger security systems, or chaining everything down were the solutions the stores needed to enact. No blame for the people committing the crimes. No blame for the people who drove them there/or picked them up.

The idea of victim blaming is a tale as old as the planet. Mayor Lightfoot has become an expert at placing that blame. When she is forced to stand there and answer questions about the gun violence in the city, she deflects the blame towards the suburbs or other parts of the metro area so she cannot be directly blamed. When that predictably fails, she steps up on her cross so she can make herself out to be the martyr. She always looks about 3 steps away from directly saying it was the victim’s fault for getting in the way of the bullet, wearing those clothes, or being in that neighborhood. If she were a white man, she would have already been removed from office for this level of incompetence.