Texas Prepares for a Migrant Onslaught As Biden Lifts Pandemic Restrictions…500,000 Are on Their Way

Vic Hinterlang / shutterstock.com

Russia isn’t the only country with a convoy of military vehicles. There’s one rolling across Texas right now that’s headed to the U.S./Mexico border in anticipation of the 500,000 or so refugees expected to flood the gates in the upcoming weeks. 

The Texas National Guard, along with Texas law enforcement agents, are conducting exercises under the direction of Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott hit the panic button when Biden announced he was going to lift a border policy referred to as Title 42.

Due to the pandemic, the policy allowed Border Patrol agents to turn away migrants prior to them being able to claim asylum. Now that word of the policy change has reached every hotspot in South America and elsewhere, they’re on their way.

Since it’ll take a while for the hordes of refuge seekers to arrive on foot, the drills will be conducted through May. Here’s why. To clarify, Gov. Abbott isn’t expecting a total of 500,000 hopeful migrants. This is just the expected monthly count.

Agents will be staring at six million new and unique sets of migrant eyeballs annually unless the number goes higher. In perspective, the population of Vermont is 623,989.

Bill Melugin from Fox News tweeted, “Texas National Guard soldiers in riot gear running drills in the RGV on how to respond to a ‘mass migration’ event when Title 42 drops next month. DHS projects up to 18,000 illegal crossings per *day* when that time comes. That’s more than double the current volume. @FoxNews.”

Among other border locations, drills will be conducted at the hot spots of Eagle Pass and Del Rio. The troops will train in full riot gear as they form perimeters up and down the U.S. side of the Rio Grande River. 

Sgt. Juan Maldonado of the Texas Department of Public Safety tried to sum up the exercises by saying, “It’s just to show the presence known to the United States and the counties and citizens that we’re here to support them as well to show force and presence to the Mexico side in case the migration starts to occur.”

The department said in a letter, “Under the direction of Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Military Department, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and our local partners continue to work collaboratively in taking a proactive approach to secure the border. #OperationLoneStar.”

It isn’t like the U.S./Mexico border has taken any type of priority in Biden’s world. He’s literally looked the other way. His sidekick Kamala Harris, who promised to tackle the issue with gusto, has visited the border one time for a photo opp. 

It doesn’t take gonads to do what Biden just did. A decision like this requires the death of too many brain cells. Border agents were still having a rough go of things even with Title 42 but Joe Biden just summoned the very flames of hell. And he left it up to Greg Abbott to deal with. 

Seriously. Biden is fully aware of the sh** storm heading towards his political foe’s state and it gives cause to wonder if canceling Title 42 was an intentional act.

A president not hellbent on vengeance would have called in the U.S. National Guard but Biden prefers making Texas shoulder the immense expense while he gets back to doing whatever it is he never does.

Hang on, kiddos. The floods are coming.