Fake a Marriage and Get a Green Card? Yikes…

Ascannio / shutterstock.com

The crime wave building under Joe Biden’s presidency is bold and aggressive. It has been growing since the first day he sat down in his office. The Democrats have proved through their actions that they support the violence and will not stand by and watch law enforcement put a stop to the crimes. The liberals have sought to defund the police and limit their ability to keep people safe.

Biden has also crippled the ability of immigration officers to arrest and deport illegals. The same concept of defunding the police has been applied to the southern border. The president has opened up the border for people to walk right in without having to stop by the immigration office and register their presence in the country. And those that cannot make it to Biden’s border party can always fake marriage for a green card.

The latest scheme for people looking for citizenship in the United States was uncovered by officers and reported by the Department of Justice. The DOJ brought out nearly a dozen people who worked at arranging fake marriages so people could get around the law and get a green card to come and live in the United States.

The department released that Marcialito Biol Benitez “operated what he and others referred to as an ‘agency’ that arranged hundreds of sham marriages between foreign national ‘clients’ and the United States citizens.” These people would send in fake documentation and make fake applications for people. They would charge their green card seekers up to $30,000 for the card. The money would be paid in cash, so it was not traceable by banks and other financial institutions.

Benitez would tell applicants how to answer the immigration questions. They would even have marriage ceremonies to try to show that the couple was, indeed, married. The same tactic was used by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she tried to make it appear that she cared about the southern border and how the people were being treated. She took fake photos of herself crying at a fence. But there was never any person ever seen being mistreated as she claimed.

Joseph R. Bonavolonta is in charge of the FBI office in Boston, MA. He revealed that “It is the utmost honor and privilege to become an American citizen, and the individuals we arrested today have allegedly made a sham of that process by running a large-scale marriage fraud ‘agency’ that arranged hundreds of fake marriages for foreign nationals, racking up millions of dollars in profits.”

The sad part about the accused’s actions is that they took advantage of people who wanted to come to America and become a citizen. They took their money, gave them what they needed to apply, and then deserted them. The actions taken by the criminals are the same as those smuggling humans across the border. They leave alone once they have what they want from them.

The people accused of the marriage fraud scheme wanted to make a fast buck. They had no genuine interest in helping people become legal citizens. They saw their chance to commit fraud under Joe Biden and made their move. The president has turned away from protecting the country from people that would seek to exploit others for money.

The newly found felons are also accused of abusing the Violence Against Women Act by making fake abuse claims and claiming American spouses were abusing them. Biden’s immigration laws are relaxed and open for people to interpret them for their greedy purposes.

The longer that Biden sits in the president’s office, the more crime schemes will be uncovered. They will be uncovered not because Biden is cracking down on them. They will be discovered because he has provided them with an environment where they can thrive and not be caught as quickly as when a Republican is in the White House.