Biden’s Flaunting BS To Avoid His Major Failures…Midterms Are Coming and It’s All He’s Got

Ron Adar /

Expecting to re-kindle the liberal flames of the Obama era, Joe Biden spoke a big game. His grandiose plans would change the very face of America. But as it now stands, Biden is slated to go down in U.S. history as a ‘do nothing’ president during a time when the nation needed a strong leader the most. But Brandon doesn’t agree with this summarization. He believes citizens only feel this way because they’ve been missing the little things he’s been accomplishing behind the scenes where nobody’s been looking. 

Since inflation is a runaway train and the U.S./Mexico border is anticipating the arrival of 500,000 new immigrants per month, rather than accept his failures, Biden is going to accentuate his small insignificant victories to prove he’s been earning his keep. Since midterms are just six months down the road and he knows that he and his Democrat co-hearts are in serious trouble, Biden’s scrambling to make things right. Is it too little too late?

The only way for Biden to get the votes he needs is to drop everything on his plate at a time when Russia’s blowing up Ukraine and Americans can’t pay their rents. So that’s what he’s doing.

Just last week, Biden pulled a stunt by having the White House lawn filled with big rigs as a backdrop to emphasize his non-stop efforts at getting more truckers blazing down America’s highways.  Note the word, ‘efforts.’ It hasn’t happened.

The very next day he invited his former boss Barak Obama to the Oval Office for a photo-op to witness him signing an executive order that did nothing more than add a few updates to the Affordable Care Act.

As long as Obama was there anyway, Biden signed some bogus legislation that’s supposed to help safeguard the financial future of the U.S. Postal Service, though it doesn’t offer any guarantees. 

Now, Biden’s touring the U.S. at the heaviest pace he’s ever traveled. He stopped in Greensboro, North Carolina to lay out his plans for freeing up the supply chain and for getting more students to choose high-tech career fields. Plans, not accomplishments. If nothing else, Joe Biden is a planning kinda guy.

The non-elected president, then, stopped in Iowa to talk about the price of gas. In an emboldened move he issued a directive that will allow more ethanol to be added to gasoline which will save consumers a whopping dime at the pump. It gets more hysterical. This only applies to the 2,300 gas stations in Iowa out of the more than 100,000 total nationwide. Can we get a “whoop whoop?”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who’ll soon be bailing on the White House to join MSNBC, is backpaddling to paint a rosy picture of Biden’s hard work. This is probably why she’s quitting.

“While the world needs to understand and see how he is leading on the war, the country needs to see how he is continuing to lead on the economy,” she said. Really? Why aren’t our wallets reflecting this statement? 

Psaki’s face was blushing when she said, “Being able to continue to speak to our domestic audience about that is a huge priority. And his schedule tells the story of how much of a priority it is.” No. His schedule tells us how much he wants votes.

The question was asked if what Biden is trying to do is too little too late and the resounding answer is, of course. He wouldn’t even make it through his full first term if the majority of us had our way. But the last election proved that we won’t.