Liberals Claim a Win with a Gay Thor

Anton_Ivanov /

The Marvel universe was bought out by Disney quite some time ago. And it’s become obvious that changes have been made – and not always for the better.

Thor has always been the hammer-yielding Norse god.

There’s just one problem with the character. According to the liberals, he is a victim of toxic masculinity. As such, he needs to be changed.

Disney loves nothing more than to cave to the liberals. They’ll be happy to change anything to appease the minority – even if that means angering an entire fandom.

The new Thor movie’s trailer is out, and Thor has gotten a makeover: he’s gay.

Thor, which features Chris Hemsworth in the leading role, was seen in a trailer for the “Thor: Love and Thunder” movie. The trailer shows that he’s staring into the eyes of Chris Pratt, who plays Star-Lord.

Many fans seem to be genuinely confused by what they’re seeing. Is Thor actually lusting after Star-Lord?

If we’re supposed to stick with what’s written in the comic books, Thor wouldn’t be gay. And if we’re sticking with Norse literature, there’s nothing that would indicate that any of the gods had homosexual tendencies.

This means that Disney decided to cower to the liberals again. And quite a few fans picked up on what was going on. “THOR IS GAY!!! WE WON” was the exclamation of one fan on social media.

It’s hard to deny what’s going on in the trailer, especially with Pratt looking into Thor’s eyes and saying, “Remember what I told you, if you ever feel lost: just look into the eyes of the people that you love.” It sounds like a lot of pillow talk.

Some of the fans decided that Thor must be having a “gay awakening” in the film – and some of them are all for it.

Even the colors in the title are the colors of the gay flag, which are teal, white, blue, and purple. All of the signs point to the fact that Disney is actually changing things up.

For anyone who disagrees, one fan has a message: “Anyone saying Thor isn’t gay is in homophobic denial.”

Oh, it looks like he’s gay alright. The question is whether he needed to be gay. The LGBTQ+ community who has been pushing Disney to go further and further to the left is delighted with themselves. Meanwhile, hardcore comic followers are disgusted. And this is the problem that Disney is up against. They’ve turned their back on the families and the Christians and the wholesome values to appease the minority simply because they are the loudest.

Disney could have simply created a new superhero that is gay. Instead, they decided that they’d mess with a classic character – and now, they can’t figure out why there is some negative pushback. It would be the same as if they decided that Mickey was going to dump Minnie because he, too, had a “gay awakening.” People would be outraged, and rightfully so.

There’s more and more gay affection showing up in the films that are being created for kids and families. Pixar’s Lightyear, an animated film, will even feature a gay kiss at the end. Is it necessary? No. Did the LGBTQ+ employees at Pixar push for it? You betcha.

So, Thor is gay, and the superhero fandom will never be the same.

It’s only a matter of time before Disney comes after all of the other classics. What’s next? A lesbian Disney princess? A trans superhero? We’re waiting…