Nikki Fried Gets Toasted by Her Own Party for Smiling after Taking Her Mask Off


The mean and nasty Nikki Fried found a way to get herself served a serving of humble pie. She was the nasty Democrat who took cheap shots at Ron DeSantis because he was taking care of his wife during her struggle with cancer. The Democratic challenger to the governor’s office claimed that Ron DeSantis was absent when he should have been working for Floridians during the recent COVID outbreak.

The governor was working, and his schedule proved that he never once neglected his duty as governor. But that did not stop Fried and her Democratic buddies from taking cheap shots at the DeSantis family while battling cancer.

The cheap shots and hardened heart characteristic of Nikki Fried came back to bite her during a private in-flight celebration she had for not being forced to wear a mask. Fried decided to take a selfie of herself not wearing a mask on a flight. Her celebration of the maskless flight would earn her scorn and personalized attacks from the very party that she claims to represent.

The Democratic Party believed that Fried should have been crying over the end of the mask mandate. She should have posted a tearful picture of herself wearing the mask while others around her were flaunting that they no longer had to wear a facial diaper.

She took the picture and posted it with the caption, “Peace out to the TSA mask mandate, but also peace and respect to others, whether wearing a mask.” In what should have been a time of celebration for everyone, the Democrats tried to make it a memorial service with tearful goodbyes and promises of a return someday.

People traveling when the mask mandate was struck down were notified while traveling, and the cheers could be heard from all over the place. Passengers and airline workers are relieved to be able to take the paper diaper off of their faces. But for Nikki Fried, it would be a long flight knowing that she would face scrutiny upon her return.

Ron DeSantis had a lot to say about the tyrannical mandate being lifted. He stated, “Finally we have judicial relief for that unscientific mask mandate on airplanes. They’ve treated these flight attendants horribly for so long, the passengers horribly. […] Our view is very simple: zero mandates of any kind.”

Fried may love flying without a mask, but her humble pie will come when her supporters vote another way. The Democrats loath the lifting of the mask mandate. And they are willing to throw their vote towards people who favor the covering of faces instead of letting people decide for themselves.

The pandemic loving blues chided Fried for her celebration. Kendall Brown, a health care advocate, mentioned that Fried must not care about the elderly or those who are struggling with health issues all because she took off a mask. The self-righteous Democrats have led themselves to believe that any person not wearing a mask is a carrier of the deadly plague and needs to be banned from society.

The violent response from posting a picture of herself is typical of judgmental Democrats. They just can’t let it go. They hate that people have the right to express themselves independently of their political affiliation.

The concept of protecting the elderly has nothing to do with one person taking off a mask on a flight thousands of feet above the ground. It has everything to do with freedom and the right to choose.

But Nikki Fried made her bed of trouble when she turned her back on the liberal left. She should have been in tears and bawling like a baby over having to take off the mask. But the truth is that she was never forced to take it off because it was a decision left up to her. And that is so upsetting to the liberals that they can no longer force people to do things that they do not want to do.