WHO Finds New Sickness to Promote Hoping to Create Fear in People

Skorzewiak / shutterstock.com

There is no doubt that the Democratic Party loves to create fear. The COVID-19 pandemic was just the thing they needed to get people to adopt their wicked ideas for voting and how to run the government. They pushed the envelope as far as they could before silently letting the matter slide into the shadows of the past. But their need for control still exists, and they are not going to stop looking for other means to help them achieve their goals.

Members of the Democratic Party have even resorted to resurrecting the COVID-19 idea of lockdowns should the virus make a national comeback. Those ideas are so unpopular that any liberal pushing the idea is immediately scorned to death. The thought of being forced to stay under house arrest brings the taste of vomit back into the throats of people who suffered through the liberal paranoia.

The only other option for the liberals is to find another mystery virus silently moving through the population. And now it seems that they have found their ship to sail as the World Health Organization claims a child has died from the mysterious hepatitis sickness that is slowly moving through the world’s population.

The WHO reports that the sickness is so mysterious that they do not know where it came from. All they know for sure is that there have been 169 cases in 12 different locations worldwide. And it only seems to be targeting the children.

The new illness sweeping the stage attacks the liver and causes inflammation of it in little kids. Newsbreak reported that “The WHO said that as of April 21 acute cases of hepatitis of unknown origin had been reported in the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Israel, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, France, Romania, and Belgium. It said 114 of the 169 cases were in the United Kingdom alone.”

The new illness is precisely what the Democrats need to promote their sadistic agenda. It will give them the reason to fight voting reform and help them establish new lockdown procedures to impose on freedom-loving citizens.

The illness is severe for those who have caught it. Of all those infected, three needed a liver transplant to save their lives. And so far, there are no details regarding the child that passed away.

Newsbreak also reported that “The WHO said a common cold virus known as an adenovirus had been detected in at least 74 cases. COVID-19 infection was identified in 20 of those tested and 19 cases were detected with a COVID-19 and adenovirus co-infection.”

Leave it up to the liberals to try and tie the COVID-19 virus as the leading cause of the infection. During the pandemic, the liberals blamed the COVID-19 for every death during the 2020 year. During that year, the flu miraculously disappeared along with every other physical ailment that typically claims a specific amount of life during the year.

The WHO and the Democratic Party are both corrupt organizations known to lie about events and facts. During the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, the WHO teamed up with China to cover up the virus. They lied about its origin and refused to hand over any information related to the virus. They deliberately left the world clueless about how to combat the illness.

And now, suddenly comes along another illness promoted by the WHO, an organization known to lie and cover up the truth. They want to be the experts, but they gave up that right when COVID-19 showed up. The only reason the WHO started to help after the initial outbreak was because Donald Trump pulled their funding. The mighty dollar forced them to tell the truth or risk going bankrupt.

The new illness showing up in kids should not be taken lightly. But parents and citizens need to be on the alert for the Democrats trying to use it to gain control over society again.