Biden Is Issued an Ultimatum That Reminds Him Afghanistan Is Off-Limits to Freedom


The world leaders all know that Joe Biden will not interfere with their affairs. The president may make a lot of statements, but he has yet to back up any of the warnings he issues. Biden revealed his spinelessness the day he violently withdrew from Afghanistan and let the Taliban takeover. He revealed that he is also willing to sacrifice innocent people to keep his name free from having to answer for any decisions related to war.

The Taliban has grown into a powerful force in the east. They have set themselves up to be the governing body in Afghanistan now that the old government has been swept aside. And they have revealed that they are not going to put up with any other country trying to invade their borders.

The entire region has grown unstable since Biden removed the American presence. The Taliban is a terrorist organization that allows other terrorists to breed and grow under its umbrella of protection.

The acting defense minister in Afghanistan also blames Pakistan for conducting airstrikes into Taliban airspace. And, of course, they are claiming that those strikes killed dozens of innocent people. And that is the reason why any other country that tries to interfere in Taliban affairs will become their next target.

Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob is the acting defense minister in Afghanistan. He is so adamant about his threat that he stated, “We are facing problems and challenges from both the world and our neighbors; the clear example is invasion by them in our territory in Kunar. We can’t tolerate the invasion. We have tolerated that attack. We tolerated that because of national interests, next time we might not tolerate it.”

Pakistan officials deny any involvement in any attacks against what they consider to be a brotherly neighbor. They consider the Afghan people of the same blood and culture and would not consider ever attacking them. A spokesperson for Pakistan noted that “Pakistan and Afghanistan are brotherly countries. The governments and people of both countries regard terrorism as a serious threat and have suffered from this scourge for a long time … therefore, it is important that our two countries engage in a meaningful manner through relevant institutional channels to cooperate in countering cross border terrorism and taking actions against terrorist groups on their soil.”

But the Taliban is a terrorist culture. They will only look out for their best interests before ever considering helping anyone else.

The warning extends to every other nation around the world. Any foreign power that would seek to set foot on their soil will be met with hostility.

The United States first set foot in Afghanistan to root out the terrorist cells operating within the country. The goal was to destroy all terrorists so that the region and the world would not have to live in fear of terrorist attacks. But when Biden removed the United States from the country before reaching that goal, he allowed the terrorists to retake the territory that had grown accustomed to freedom.

Joe Biden and his Democrats hate freedom just as much as the Taliban do. The president would love America to be subjected to the same horrors that the Afghan people are under from Taliban rule.

The warning also extends to Joe Biden should he decide to try and come back and free the people he left behind. The Pakistan border may be in dispute, but anyone trying to gain a foothold in Taliban territory will face horrible consequences.

Joe Biden has made a terrible mess out of the world. He refused to engage in terror in Afghanistan, and hundreds of Americans were left behind to try and hide from the Taliban. The president refuses to engage Russia and defend the Ukrainian people. And he indeed refuses to stand up for the United States and tell all the illegals trying to invade to knock it off. Joe Biden is not an American hero. He is nothing more than an enemy that weaseled his way into the White House.