Chinese Laugh at Bidens Threat of Intervention Should the Solomon Islands Come under Attack

Tudoran Andrei /

Joe Biden has issued his first threat to the Chinese should they try to invade the Solomon Islands. The president has been reluctant to get involved in any international affairs. He has been content to sit back and watch how everything plays out. But now that an election year has come, he is more willing to exert himself forcefully against nations that would threaten their smaller neighbors.

The Solomon Islands are small islands that let China move its warships in and out of their space. China recently signed an agreement with the tiny nation to allow its police to remain and be able to resupply their battleships.

But Joe Biden is warning the Chinese that America will intervene should the communist nation try to set up a permanent presence on the islands. A military base is one step away from an invasion and annexation of the small islands by the Chinese regime.

Joe Biden had his White House staff issue a statement that “If steps are taken to establish a de facto permanent military presence, power-projection capabilities, or a military installation, the delegation noted that the United States would then have significant concerns and respond accordingly.”

For the president to act accordingly could mean anything. So far, all the president has been able to do in other international affairs is bumble through some names and put a few meaningless sanctions in place. He has yet to engage with force in an incident that has developed.

2022 is an election year, and Biden needs to appear to be doing a good job. His only hope is that the American people forget about the horrors of his first year and look at what he is doing now, right before an election. He cannot fathom being a lame-duck president for the rest of his term. But now that the red wave is gaining steam, he is about to lose power and be held back by the Republican Party seeking to fix the damage he has caused.

The White House statement also noted that “Solomon Islands representatives indicated that the agreement had solely domestic applications, but the U.S. delegation noted there are potential regional security implications of the accord, including for the United States and its allies and partners.”

The Solomon Islands wanted to allow China to send its security to their country after riots had consumed parts of the country. China would also be allowed to bring its battleships to the islands where they could stay before moving on their next mission. They would also be allowed to take on supplies and get what they needed for the next leg of their journey.

The people living on the Solomon Islands appear to hate Chinese influence and presence. The nation’s leaders stated that they agreed with the deal because it would keep the Chinese at their embassy safe. So, they agreed to let the Chinese bring in their security force to shore up their people.

The concern is that the Chinses would be able to have a permanent base, giving them a stronger force in the region. They would have a base that would extend their influence and power well beyond their borders.

The Solomon Islands agrees to allow China a more substantial presence in the region concerns on many levels. The communist nation is silently expanding its influence and will have a better chance of invasion should they decide to start a war in the Pacific region.

Joe Biden is not the man to lead the fight against communist China. His financial ties to the country make him a liability. The Chinese could easily use his debt against him, forcing him to back down or agree with their actions.

The world is in chaos because Joe Biden is weak and shows signs of further weakening. No one will take his threat of force seriously, given that he has backed down from confrontation in the past.