Democratic Rally Demands an End to Student Loan Debt

Ben Von Klemperer /

The Democrats are the loudest of everyone when it comes to student loan debt. They believe that the federal government should just give a giant pardon. Forget about what it will do to the deficit. Forget about what it will do for private lenders. Just erase it without a care in the world.

Biden has been toying with the idea for over a year now – and Democrats are getting desperate for a win so that they can secure their position in the midterms. Since their letters and pleas have been met with indifference, they’re getting louder.

So, the far-left is doing what they do best – they’re holding a rally.

Care to wager who was there, begging for the American people to get a handout from the government?

Of course, Bernie Sanders was there. And so were some of the members of the Squad, including Rashida Tlaib and Ro Khanna. Pramila Jayapal was also in attendance.

They marched around the capital last Wednesday, demanding that President Biden take action by canceling student loan debt. In the past, Biden has talked about canceling $10,000 per borrower – yet the far-left demands entire forgiveness.

Representative Ilhan Omar explained during the rally, “We are here to tell the president that with the stroke of a pen, he can and should and must cancel student debt. Period.”

Now, here’s the kicker with her demand. She and the other Democrats at the rally want Biden to cancel student loan debt with an executive order. They don’t want it to go through Congress, which is why Biden has yet to act. He has said on many occasions that he’s hesitant to do an executive order because he wants bipartisan support. He has said that if Congress passes something, he’ll sign it.

The average Republican who has no student loan debt or who has worked hard to get their student loan debt paid off takes offense to what the Democrats are doing. Why? The moment that the debt is dismissed, taxes are undoubtedly going to go up. It means that you and I are the ones paying for others’ financial mistakes. We did the right thing by choosing a career without the need for college or we paid off our college. Yet, somehow, we’ll end up paying for others’ degrees.

Fair, no. But that’s the game that the Democrats love to play. We pay so they can play. Welcome to Biden’s America.

It’s also why Republicans in Congress have signaled that they won’t sign onto such a bill that would cancel the debt entirely.

Is it even legal for Biden to use an executive order to cancel student loan debt? It appears so – and Senators like Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren have come forward to say that Biden could do it.

Sanders is quick to point out that “The federal government bailed out the banks. Trump and the Republicans gave huge tax cuts to the wealthy. Congress is about to hand $10 billion to Jeff Bezos to go to the moon. Yes, we can afford to cancel all student debt.”

This is when we’re faced with the good old dilemma of just because we can doesn’t mean that we should.

The only way that this should get passed is if there is bipartisan support. Republicans are the ones who are fiscally responsible. If enough Republicans get on board, then maybe – but until then, this is just the Democrats trying to get a win so that they can put a stop to the red wave that is going to carry them away come midterm elections.