Biden Reaches the Septic Tank of His Career…the Economy Hasn’t Stunk This Bad Since 2011

Matt Smith Photographer /

Financial stability, prosperity, and a chicken in every pot. Sound familiar? Joe Biden painted a Norman Rockwell-ish vision of what America would look like under his leadership. Like an old man on a swayback stallion, Biden came riding in on Barak Obama’s back to rescue the nation from the evils of Donald Trump. Liberal Democrats devoured every juicy lie with the ferocity of caged lions, but as fate and bad decisions would have it, their once high decibel roars have been lowered to cats’ meowing in a dark alley. They’re embarrassed to show their faces, and who can blame them?

Biden’s approval rating, in particular his handling of the economy, has taken a head-first plunge down a gas station toilet. How does a mere 34% approval rating strike you? Of every major and offshoot political party voter from shore to shore, 66% agree. America’s make-believe President is a disaster.

Inflation is demoralizing and hasn’t reached this point in decades. Eating or keeping the lights on should not have to be a decision for families who were living comfortably only a couple of short years ago, but in an overwhelming number of cases, it is.

The White House underestimated where the economy was going while Biden was like a kid in a candy store spending money on new roads and bridges that no one can afford the gas to drive on. And no matter how you prepare it, asphalt tastes lousy.

The Biden administration isn’t helping the old man’s cause by insisting that the U.S. economy is thriving. Even liberals recognize this as an obnoxious lie.

An astounding 8 in 10 Americans blame the tumbling economy on Biden’s policies and say he isn’t doing enough to fix it. The central bank raising its interest rate by a half percent was an arrow through the heart. It caused the Federal Reserve to make the biggest adjustment in 22 years as a combative measure.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made a valiant but futile attempt at calming the wave of anger and disappointment. “I’d like to take this opportunity to speak directly to the American people. Inflation is much too high, and we understand the hardship it is causing. We are moving expeditiously to bring it back down.”

Professor of economics at the University of Michigan, Justin Wolfers, gave a glimmer of hope shadowed in further despair. “What the Fed is hoping to do is cool inflation a little so your paycheck will go a little further, although that will mean slowing the economy and that might mean a little less bargaining power for workers and fewer prospects of a wage rise anytime soon.”

It’s been since November 2011 that polling has seen this low of a public approval rating in terms of the economy and one trip to the filling station will tell anybody why. If that doesn’t do it, take a stroll through a grocery store. Any grocery store. Or go try to rent a one-bedroom-one bath apartment in Any City, USA. Or, or, or…

The economy was the primary factor pushing Biden toward the septic tank but Roe v. Wade just plopped him into the water. The Dems don’t stand a cat’s hair of a chance in 2024. Meow.