DeSantis Sends Business Execs into Panic Mode

There’s no doubt that the political left has slowly taken over our culture and society in recent years and months. While politics has always found a way to seep into our day-to-day lives, the economy, and the businesses we deal with, never before have they seemed to have such a hold over us.

In large part, this is because industries like Hollywood, the establishment media, and more recently, Big Tech and social media have backed the Democratic Party or at least some of their more “woke” ideas. And as such, those outlets have tainted what America sees and views as political.

But in addition to these, the left has slowly gotten its claws in other industries and companies. Major organizations and businesses, like Disney, the NBA, Coca-Cola, Nike, and others, have begun backing the political left. And in doing so, they have effectively cut out nearly all traces of conservatism and even some of our Constitutional rights.

At least that is until those Florida Governor Ron DeSantis decided to take a stand.

As you have likely heard, DeSantis has pushed for new laws in his state that protect not only unborn children from near-certain death from abortion but also impressionable youth and students from being trained to change their sexual identity should they ever feel like they aren’t happy with themselves or don’t fit in.

Naturally, those on the political left aren’t exactly thrilled with this. Disney, in particular, took issue with it and raised no small amount of opposition.

In response to this, DeSantis made sure to put them in their place, not only by condemning their acts and protests but also by getting the state’s Senate to revoke the special status of Disney’s Orlando Walt Disney World. If you didn’t know it, this status actually gave the park the right to essentially govern itself, everything from sanitation departments to political preferences, leaders, and representation.

But that is all gone now. They are just like any other big company. To say it quite simply, the company has been effectively knocked down a peg or two.

And while Disney is the one most affected by this, they aren’t the only ones to be sure.

In fact, numerous sources are reporting that major corporations all over the U.S. are now rethinking their place in society a bit. Perhaps they were too quick to jump on the cancel culture bandwagon…

As the Wall Street Journal reported, “Disney’s recent experience in Florida has captured the attention of C-suite executives at companies big and small, given the impact on its operations, many say.”

As you well know, Disney is not the only company that has recently remarked on political agenda items. So too have Nike, AMC, Gillette, etc. For the most part, all have sided with the Democrats, somehow, if not rather falsely believing they were either right or that the majority of America agreed with them.

However, as DeSantis proved to Disney, they are, in fact, not the only voice out there. Furthermore, as a public company, they have no rights or place in politics. They are there to sell a product, be that movies, shoes, food, drinks, etc.

Sure, employees and staff of such companies can have their opinions and even express them. However, it enters a whole different realm when companies start believing they, as an entity, have a say in how our government is run or social justice is carried out.

And unfortunately, most of the Republican Party has let them get away with it for far too long.

But as you can tell, this has only crippled our society, making it commonplace for companies such as Disney or Nike to “cancel” those that don’t agree with their politics and even censor our Constitutional rights.

DeSantis just showed them that this kind of action will no longer be tolerated. And not just from Disney. I mean, if he can effectively cripple a company as massive as Disney, what will he and other bold state leaders be able to do to businesses like Facebook, Google, Nike, or AMC?

Let’s just say the odds don’t look to be in Corporate America’s favor. And they know it…