Biden Acts Like He’s Supporting Ukraine, But It’s all BS

Eli Wilson /

Joe Biden has largely ignored the war between Russia and Ukraine. His silent support of Vladimir Putin has kept him from taking any definitive action against the Russian president and his forces. But the end of the year is bringing the midterm elections, and the old man needs to do something, so it appears that he is acting to help Ukraine win the war.

The president is all about appearance and making people think he is on their side.

Joe Biden took it upon himself to sign a bipartisan bill that brings back the “lend-lease” program that united all of Europe against Germany. The old program is supposed to somehow unite the world against Russia and keep them from destroying Ukraine and the surrounding area.

Biden’s fake bill is purely for appearance only. He needs to appear to support the Ukrainian people while secretly supporting Russia. Congress is ready to spend $33 billion in aid to Ukraine, but the president must support the bill before it can happen.

Putin needs a win to set himself up as a force to reckoned with. The war has not progressed as he thought it would because he underestimated his target. His soldiers are ready to quit, which is why he must find a way to inspire his invasion force.

Biden stated that the war was destroying Europe, which is nothing more than a recall back to V-E day when the entire world united to stop the Nazi invasions.

The president likened Putin to that Adolf Hitler and the vision he had for all of Europe. It would be a continent under his control where he could establish his version of the human race.

Biden’s big moment came as he signed the bill. Newsmax reported that the president was “Flanked by two Democratic lawmakers and one Republican, Biden signed the bill, which had sailed through the Senate last month with unanimous agreement, not even the need for a formal roll call vote. It passed overwhelmingly in the House, drawing opposition from just 10 Republicans.”

Americans are appalled by the lack of concern and attention that Biden is giving to the war. The Democrats need it to appear as if they care about what is happening on the other side of the world. The Ukrainian people have called for help, and not one nation is moving to assist them in their fight for freedom. Biden should have been the first to answer that call, but he is too weak of a man to make any difference.

Jen Psaki also noted that “While President Putin and the Russian people celebrated Victory Day today, we’re seeing Russian forces commit war crimes and atrocities in Ukraine, as they engage in a brutal war that is causing so much suffering and needless destruction.”

Putin is responsible for the massive destruction and despair that he has caused the Ukrainian people. The Russian president called his people’s attention to the fact Nazi Germany surrendered, and WWII came to an official end. And yet his people are engaging in a senseless war that has killed innocent people.

Biden may be trying to stay out of the war, but the $33 billion in aid will cause the United States to slip further into the conflict. Biden had his chance to enter the war and stop Putin’s advances weeks ago, but he decided to hold off and let Putin have his chance at a quick victory.

The Republican Party is ready to endorse increasing aid to the region but waits for the Democrats to pull their heads out of the sand. The only reason Joe Biden and his party of liberals is acting to help is that the midterm elections are just a few months away.

The liberals must be able to claim that they supported the relief effort. But the country knows that its heart is far from caring for the Ukrainian people. The Democrats have a thirst for power, and if war is a way for them to achieve their goal, they are willing to support such a measure.