Vladimir Putin’s Evil Plans Included Annexing All of Ukraine

Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.com

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was a selfish act to expand the influence and power of a growing dictatorship. President Vladimir Putin needed to seize every last inch of Ukraine to have the resources he needed to expand further into other territories. Putin’s act of violence against his neighbor was so aggressive that led to the deaths of innocent people.

The one thing that Putin did not count on was the intense resistance that the Ukrainian people would put up to save their homes. The impressive fight has led to the embarrassment of Putin and his once-mighty military. He may control the largest nuclear arsenal globally, but he knows that he will never be able to use it without losing everything he holds dear.

The scope of Putin’s plan was the complete takeover of the Ukrainian people. He sought to annex every last mineral deposit to exploit it for his greed. And now that his troops are in retreat, the documents they are leaving behind only prove that he was lustful for the entire country.

Oleksiy Sukhachev is the director of Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigation. He has found several documents left behind by Russian soldiers that prove the accusations against Putin. He stated that “[Found were] important documents of soldiers of the Russian Federation’s Armed Forces that give a clear understanding that Russia was preparing to seize all the territory of Ukraine.”

Sukhachev is investigating the documents that the Ukrainian people are finding. The revealing documents were found in a small town occupied by Russian troops. The Ukrainian military and people fought back, took back the town, and expelled the Russians.

The more territory won back by the Ukrainian people, the more war crimes were discovered. Soldiers also discovered bombs and other war devices that had not yet been used. And other reports reveal that the Russian military tortured innocent civilians.

Newsmax reported that the Telegram Post stated that “At least 34 cases of unlawful deprivation of liberty and torture of civilians have been reported. Batons, handcuffs, metal ticks and clothes of the victims with traces of blood were found at the crime scene. Among other things, 29 site inspections were conducted, the bodies of 23 victims, including two children, were exhumed.”

Putin tried to take Kyiv after starting the war but had to leave the city because of heavy resistance. Russia tried its best but retreated to focus on the east side of the country. The Ukrainian military has since gained important ground as Russia continues to pull back to its borders.

The city of Kyiv had to shut down its gas lines that moved through territory controlled by Russian forces. The fuel is creating a hardship for Europe as they depend on those resources for energy production. Russia wants to control the world’s energy usage. Controlling necessary resources would give Putin a strong bargaining chip when it comes time to invade other nations.

Newsmax has reported that the Ukrainian forces were just a few miles from the Russian border. The Russian forces are in full retreat, and there is nothing that Putin can do to stop it.

President Joe Biden has had his chance to stand with the Ukrainian people. But he decided to abandon them and sit back and watch to see what happens. Biden has also tried to appear that he cared about the war and imposed sanctions on Russia. But his efforts were a little too late now that the Ukrainian military had put Russian troops on the retreat.

Putin had the idea of capturing the entire country of Ukraine. He needed the resources to make further advances to restore a country to its communist glory days. But he underestimated the drive that people have to live free. They are unwilling to give up their freedoms because a greedy dictator wants to take them over and put them under dictatorship rule.