Trump Unleashes About His Thoughts on Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney is one of the most outspoken RINOs that the Republican Party has ever seen. She’s no fan of Donald Trump, which is one of the reasons why Nancy Pelosi tapped her to be a part of the January 6 committee to investigate the “insurrection” on the Capitol.

As the investigation continues, Trump has managed to hear some of the soundbites from what Cheney has had to say.

And now, he’s ready to let a few of his opinions known.

Just as the Democrats can’t figure out why Joe Manchin is still a Democrat, the same can be said about Cheney still being a Republican. And in a recent interview with Donald Trump, he has said that she is “worse than any Democrat,” particularly as it pertains to the January 6 investigation. He has referred to her as a “crazed lunatic.”

Trump has dealt with his fair share of opposition. After all, he had to deal with the Democrats attacking him for four years while he sat in the Oval Office – and the attacks are still happening.

Adam Schiff (D-CA) actually led the first impeachment trial – and Trump says that Cheney is even worse.

Cheney has lost a lot in order to oppose Trump. She was removed from House GOP leadership simply because she wouldn’t support his claims of a stolen election. She is asking for a significant amount of aggression to target Trump – and it’s all in her head.

Isn’t it funny how Clinton can claim that an election was stolen in 2016 but when Trump does it in 2020, there are no grounds to call for it?

Trump lost to Biden – a man who barely knows where he is or who he is on most days. To question the integrity of the election is a no-brainer.

The House panel that Cheney sits on is becoming more ridiculous by the day. They’re targeting anyone and everyone as a way to make sense of why the insurrection happened. They can’t fathom the idea that Americans did it of their own accord because they truly believed that the election was stolen.

You know – kind of like the co-hosts of the View back in 2016 when they claimed that Trump “isn’t their president” because they believed that he somehow had stolen the election.

The panel made headlines recently when they issued subpoenas to five House Republicans, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. As of right now, it’s not clear as to whether the Republicans will actually appear or not. Many feel the same way that Trump feels – it’s a complete witch hunt.

The panel is a joke. Cheney is a joke. Everyone knows it, yet the Democrats (and the RINOs) feel as though they cannot back down.

The election was stolen. It’s why they wouldn’t even allow for a proper investigation to be conducted before they escorted Biden and Harris into the White House.

All of this is just smoke and mirrors. They’re terrified of Trump getting another four years in the White House where he could actually drain the swamp, causing all of the Democrats (and Cheney) to lose their access to making millions off of Americans.

Trump is right. Cheney is completely off of her rocker. And she’s not doing us any favors by staying a member of the Republican Party. She might as well update her voter registration card to Democratic Socialist. She can hang out with Bernie and AOC and be happy with her fellow socialists.