So Much for Hispanics Being the Golden Ticket for Dems

Simone Hogan /

For more than a few decades, Democrats have labeled their party as one that fights for minorities and the American working middle class. It is why most unions endorse Democratic candidates and why Biden was able to get away with comments like “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for me. Additionally, Democrats have typically been favored among America’s youth.

I mean, we know the stereotype, right? Republicans are supposedly white, male, old, and set in their ways, and either extremely well off like former President Donald Trump or redneck as all get out.

However, in recent years, those demographics once thought to be consistently on one side or the other have been found to be much more fluid than the previously thought, or at least on how the Democratic Party views them.

Take Hispanic voters, for instance.

I’d wager that if you asked just about any Democrat around what party a Hispanic voter sided with, they would say theirs. Why? Well, because they are a minority, they are typically found to be in the lower or middle economic class, and they tend to side with less strict immigration laws, which are usually a Democratic agenda item.

In fact, for years now, these facts have been thought to be one of the main reasons the Democrats even have those looser border standards. I mean, if more Hispanics are allowed in and put on the path to US citizenship, it can only mean more votes for Democrats, right? And recent legislative proposals that suggest that even illegal immigrants living in the US should be given a voice pretty much prove this theory true.

However, there’s just one little problem with that thought.

That problem is that, like any other Demographic, Hispanics do not have to vote Democratic and are, in fact, entitled to their own opinions. And that means, should they not like a certain candidate or Democratic agenda items, they may actually find themselves checking a box assigned to the GOP in any given election.

And according to a number of recent polls, that is exactly what is happening.

The results of a Quinnipiac poll were released on Wednesday, saying that most Hispanic voters actually like Democratic President Joe Biden even less than white people do. According to the survey, 32 percent of whites agree with Biden’s job performance so far. A mere 26 percent of Hispanics do.

To put this into perspective for you and let you know just how far Biden and his party have fallen in the last year, Fox News noted that a similar poll conducted in 2021 showed that some 55 percent of most Hispanics liked Biden and the job that he was doing.

So what changed?

Well, let’s face it, a lot has changed over the last year – and most of it hasn’t been good for the American people. Furthermore, pretty much all of it can be laid squarely at Biden and his failing party’s feet.

Perhaps it is a result of the ever-rising inflation that has those in the middle class struggling to make ends meet. Or the skyrocketing gas prices that hinder even travel to and from work. Then again, it could be the ongoing crisis at our southern border.

In fact, among all the issues asked about on the poll, this latter one was the most disapproved of. As it turns out, only 28 percent of all Americans think Biden is doing a good job with our border problems. A whopping 58 percent said the opposite. And that includes Hispanic voters.

What this means for Biden and his Democratic Party is that getting to keep their power is going to be more difficult than ever.

In fact, according to a few political pundits and analysts, Hispanics could be a major swing constituency in upcoming elections – and that includes November’s midterms.

In states like Arizona, Nevada, and Texas, where the border issue is much more directly felt and Hispanic populations tend to be higher, it is thought that Latino voters could give the GOP a few more seats in both the House and the US Senate.

And the poll seems to confirm this prediction, especially since more voters think the House should be given back to a party that actually cares for the American people.

At any rate, this poll, like so many other signs already being seen this year, doesn’t exactly spell out good news for Biden or the Democrats.