Beto Pulls the Ultimate Publicity Stunt… And It’s Disgusting

JosephRouse /

Beto O’Rourke has been falling behind in the polls in the gubernatorial race in Texas. And, it seems that he has fallen much lower now that he’s shown that he cares more about politics than about the loss of lives.

The unthinkable happened in a Uvalde, Texas school. 19 children and two teachers lost their lives to an 18-year-old with a gun.

Current governor Greg Abbott was in the middle of a press conference when O’Rourke decided that it was time to do a bit of grandstanding.

O’Rourke has had a history of doing this – and it’s one of the reasons why he didn’t get too far in the presidential primaries in 2020.

Right now, parents, educators, and the entire state of Texas are in shock over what happened at Robb Elementary.

As Abbott was sharing the details of what happened, O’Rourke made his move and began shouting – “You are doing nothing. You are all doing nothing…this is totally predictable.”

That’s when Mayor Don McLaughlin decided to tear into the gubernatorial candidate. “Sir, you are out of line. Sir, you are out of line.” He repeated it several times, asking O’Rourke to remove himself from the auditorium. That’s when he delivered the ultimate line: “I can’t believe you’re a sick son of a bitch who would come to a deal like this to make a political issue.”

And that’s really what it was all about.

No one wants to hear about gun control or gun rights at the moment. The state is hurting. The community is hurting. And parents are in tears because they will never be able to see their kids again.

This isn’t the time to make a political statement – and O’Rourke should have known better.

We already knew that Beto O’Rourke was unlike to beat the incumbent Greg Abbott. For one, the Lone Star state is about as red as it comes. And, Beto is about as liberal as they come.

He has tried to get cheap political points on more than one occasion – but using the death of murdered children less than 24 hours after it happened is absolutely disgusting – and everyone has seen what he has done now.

As Redstate explained, “He took a tragedy and made it about himself and his campaign.”

The problem with O’Rourke is that he has said on more than one occasion that he’s going to “come for our guns.” While it may be that there need to be some restrictions on firearms, the idea of coming for the guns of law-abiding citizens who own their guns legally is absurd, especially in the state of Texas.

O’Rourke doesn’t know when to let things go. He’s now filling his Twitter feed with an introduction of each child who lost their life, complete with artwork and such. As he shared photos of Alithia, one of the girls who was killed, he explains how the parents “never want this to happen to another kid.”

That’s such an obvious statement. No parent wants to see such a thing happen.

He attended the vigil for the people of Uvalde, as if that’s supposed to make up for his incredibly poor-timed comments. And he’s still coming after Greg Abbott, tweeting “He was counting dollars while they were counting bodies” as a result of Abbott attending a fundraiser on the same day as the school shooting.

O’Rourke’s comments are extremely callous. He chose to focus on politics instead of the lives lost in the school shooting. And voters are watching. They’ll vote accordingly when the time comes to hit the polling stations.