Biden Administration Still Fights for Masks on Public Transportation

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Joe Biden has worked against America ever since he stepped into office. He has taken it upon himself to cause consumer prices to rise and inflation to reach record levels. The old man continues to seek ways to force people to do things that violate the basic concepts of freedom. And he loves to make life generally miserable for everyone around him.

The president’s push for people to wear facial coverings reached its climax during the pandemic. During his first few months in office, he tried to get every state to follow his lead in trying to beat the virus. His plan called for people to wear a mask every time they set foot in public. He failed to realize that most states had already abolished mask mandates and saw a massive drop in the number of infections.

Biden could not force all the states to follow his plan, so he enacted a mask mandate on all people who used public transportation and worked for the federal government. His administration would extend and push the mask mandate so that organizations and people would seek to sue the president, hoping that the court system would reverse his regulations.

The courts would agree that Biden’s mask mandate was overkill and would force him to reverse his mandate. The public transportation industry and airlines were relieved when the mandate was dropped. But Biden could not leave things alone for long.

The old man has demanded that the Justice Department petition the federal appeals court to reverse a federal judge’s decision that brought his mask mandate to an end. The federal judge ruled that the mask mandate was illegal, and Biden and his administration could not enforce it on the public.

Biden promised that his people would seek to overturn the judge’s ruling. He empowered the Justice Department to argue that the Center for Disease Control has the authority to force people to wear a mask when public health is in danger. Since the mandate was dropped, there has yet to be another massive outbreak like the Democrats would love to see.

Kathryn Kimball was the federal judge who killed Biden’s beloved mandate. Once the mandate was struck down, people all over the country cheered over the ruling. The vast majority of the country hates the idea of wearing a mask. They know that Biden keeps extending the mandate for his selfish pleasures.

The Justice Department put together a 48-page court document that defined their reasoning why the ruling should be overturned. Aside from the CDC having the authority to issue such mandates, they argued that the mandate is simply a reasonable precaution against the virus.

The problem with their reasoning is that they rob people of choosing whether to wear a mask or not. The Constitution was written so people could make choices for themselves. Any entity or person that would try to take that freedom away would be guilty of breaking the Constitution and the law.

The Center for Disease Control does not have the authority to force people to give up their right to make choices for their health. The CDC knows that the type of masks they were forcing on people did not stop the virus from spreading and infecting people. The COVID-19 virus was so small that it simply passed right through the material strapped over people’s faces.

In their filing, the Justice Department argued that “None of the district court’s quarrels with the CDC order comes close to showing that the CDC has acted outside the ‘zone of reasonableness.’ The findings in the CDC order provide ample support for the agency’s determination that there was good cause to make the order effective without delay.”

The Justice Department demands that the federal appeals court overturn the previous ruling and force people to wear masks against their will. Joe Biden continues to think that the virus is out of control even though it has been months since anyone was forced to wear a mask.