Elizabeth Warren’s Solution to Inflation? Free Childcare…

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Inflation is out of control. We’ve seen how President Biden isn’t doing anything. He’s ready to watch the country do a free fall until we find the bottom – in the form of a recession.

All of the Democrats seem to be equally clueless.

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has come forward with a solution – but we’re not sure if it’s the kind of solution that any of us really want. Her solution is to provide free childcare. That means that in order to fix the problem, we have to spend EVEN MORE money.

If you’re scratching your head to figure out how this works, you’re not alone.

Still, Warren attempts to make her thoughts clear on the matter.

She believes that it’s time to offer affordable, high-quality childcare. This would, in her opinion, make it easier for parents to participate in the workforce, which would also increase the supply of goods and services.

Obviously, one of the best ways to bring prices down from the inflated ones they’re at now is by fixing the issues with the supply chain. However, is there a way to do that without offering free or reduced-cost childcare?

Some families choose to work on a single income as opposed to two because it’s cheaper to have one parent stay home. By the time the cost of childcare is factored in, it’s simply easier for a parent to stay home.

That’s been the excuse. The reality is that if childcare was suddenly more affordable, would the other parent enter the workforce? Maybe, maybe not.

Just look at all of the people who have yet to go back to work after being paid to stay at home during the COVID pandemic. The work ethic in America is damaged – and throwing more money at the problem isn’t going to fix it. In fact, throwing money at the problem is what got us into this whole mess.

According to Elizabeth Warren, who recently published a piece in USA Today, “The United States has under-invested in child care” – and that it’s been going on for decades.

The liberals would have us believe that every other country’s government is providing child care – and this just isn’t the case.

Sure, it happens in some countries, such as Finland and Denmark. But that’s because there’s a completely different setup over there.

Parents have always had a choice. Work or don’t work. If you don’t work, you stay home with the kids. If you do work, you can find a company that has flexible hours, in-location daycare, or you pay the cost of a daycare program.

There is a worker shortage. If you’ve had to wait longer to get checked out at the store or seen your favorite restaurant closed because of a staff shortage, you know this to be true. So, Warren believes that if we make it easier for parents to work, the worker shortage can be eliminated.

There’s just one problem with this concept – where does it end? How many incentives do we have to provide for people to want to help themselves financially?

5 million Americans have said that childcare is the primary reason for not working. But…what if there are other reasons they’re not talking about? What if we invest all of this money into child care only for it not to have a dramatic impact on small businesses and worker shortages?

Warren is pushing Congress to make it happen. “Investing in quality, affordable child care will help working families and small businesses. It will unlock jobs for millions of Americans, support economic growth and fight inflation – both in the short term and long term. It’s win-win-win, and it’s past time we get it done.”

Let’s hope she’s right – otherwise, the country will be in a nosedive toward a recession before Biden is even done stuttering out an excuse.